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xF1 Add-on Tools Bar - ThemesCorp 3.0.4

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Compatible XF Versions 1.x
1.4, 1.5
This add-on lets you create a Toolsbar for your forum!

You can use up to 10 stackable blocks.

For each block, you can:
- Enable Block
- Font Awesome (you can choose your Font Awesome among the 605 available :https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/)
- Tooltip (this is the text that appears when moving the cursor on the block)
- Link (for block and Tooltip)

Everything is customizable! - The accent on this add-on was concerned the customization. Almost all the parts are configurable. Each block is bound to a style property. (Total 32 Style Properties!)

A Usergroup permission allows you to set who can see the ToolsBar.

You can also choose the color of each Font Awesome for style properties

Style properties allow you to customize the arrow that displays tooltips

To simplify use, we add tabs in the add-on options in order to easily edit each block.

We've added an animation on the Toolbar to every page load (Deactivable)

You can change the size, background color, color on hover to each block!

On every block, you can add a tooltip of your choice and even add a link to a block.

Alert (Tooltip), this will highlight blocks to encourage people to click on it. This system uses Font Awesome, you can choose a different Font Awesome for each alert of each block. - NEW v2.0.0

Fully Responsive ! - NEW v2.0.0

2 positions: To the left or right - NEW v2.0.0

The tooltip disappears after passing the cursor over the icon - A cookie has been added to manage the time during which the balloon is kept hidden (hours). After the time specified by the administrateur in the add-on options, tooltips will be displayed again - NEW 2.1.0


- Enable ToolsBar
- Display on All Pages (Un-check for display the ToolsBar on ly in Threads)
- Enable Uppercase (You choose to display the text in the tooltip uppercase or lowercase)
- Enable the ToolsBar Animation
- Separation Block (By default the blocks are glued together, you can create a space if necessary)
- Width / Height Blocks (Determine the Width/Height of the blocks)
- Font Awesome Size (Determine the Font Awesome size of the blocks)
- Opacity
- Vertical Position (Determine the space between the top of the forum and the top of the ToolsBar)
- Position: Left or right - NEW v2.0.0
- Responsive mode (Determine the opacity for responsive mode) - NEW v2.0.0
- Alert (Tooltip) for each block (Customizable with Style Property) - NEW v2.0.0
- Cookie Hour - You determine the time for which the tooltip (alert) disappears after passing the cursor on the block - NEW v2.1.0

First release
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Latest updates

  1. New option: You can now disable the toolsbar for the mobile - 3.0.4

    New release 3.0.4 - New option: You can now disable the toolsbar for the mobile - Order to...
  2. New option - 3.0.3

    New release 3.0.3 - Add new option for change easly the version to Font Awesome
  3. New option "Separate each blocks" - v3.0.2

    New release 3.0.2 - New option: Separate each blocks now !

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