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[TRN] Discussion Preview

xF1 Add-on [TRN] Discussion Preview 3.7.3

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Compatible XF Versions 1.x
As of March 2, 2017, this add-on has been taken over by LPH. Purchasing and support are now done on the Tux Reports website.

Reader engagement is important to all publishers. The information overload of the internet makes website readers become lazy. If they can't find what they’re looking for instantly they'll head off in another direction. As a reviewer said ''People used to Facebook won't spend their time clicking on titles to see your content.''

Give them better reasons to click and they’re more likely to keep browsing your forum.

This add-on shows a preview of the first post alternatively the last post (individually selectable per thread listing type) of threads in various places of your forum.

Below is an example of how this add-on can be used together with the free add-on [fgX] Clean and Simple Thread Lists (As You see, it will help the discussion list look more clean, here all data in a single column)

Below is an example of this add-on used without the add-on [fgX] Clean and Simple Thread Lists

Optionally this add-on can also show thumbnails for images attached to the thread. (The whole thread or from the previewed post only). It will for sure attract your visitors attention immediately. Clicking a thumbnail will open up the full sized image in a Lightbox overlay.

Supported thread listings:
  • Forum list (When listing threads for a specific forum)
  • New posts/Recent topics
  • Watched Threads
  • Search results including tag searches. ***
You can choose in what positions of your forum discussion preview shall apply. You may also exclude certain forums from discussion previewing (in single forum view only) if you wish.

The discussion preview text is stripped from message quotes, URLs (optionally), ATTACH, IMG, MEDIA and SPOILER tags. Smilies will show.

This add-on introduces the following options (set within Admin Control Panel => Options => [fgX] Discussion Preview:

This add-on also introduces a user option so that individual users can opt out from having discussion previews.

Below is an example what discussion previews may look like (without image previewing):

View attachment 126664

This add-on has its own Style Property in Admin Control Panel-> Appearance -> Style Properties -> [fgX] Discussion Preview . You can customize the look of the preview text and it will be persistent after an upgrade.

Note: If You like to show discussion previews for search results, bear in mind that when using the XenForo quick search (as opposed to using the advanced search form), XenForo will by default present search results as mixed posts and threads. This add-on works only for threads, not for single posts. Therefore if activating discussion previews for search results, you will probably like to set it to preview the first post in the thread and you would probably also like to change so that a quick search (using the search bar) displays results as threads only. You can do that by also installing the [fgX] Search Results as Threads add-on.
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