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xF1 Unmaintained Ultimate Ads 2.0.1

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  1. 1.3
  2. 1.4
I've used quite a bit of ad management add-ons. Each one I tried though was lacking in the areas where you could have ads. Why? Not too sure. There's so many different places that you can put ads in the templates, but they only provide you the option of 2 or 3 of them.
So I was just doing it all manually with templates, but as you can imagine doing it manually became a hassle quickly when updating with other themes or updating ad code. You have to adjust it here and there and then you realize everyone on the other theme hasn't even been seeing ads because you forgot to put them on that theme! This add-on will fix that.

Oh by the way. This is actually my very first add-on. So please don't be too harsh! Although constructive criticism is appreciated!

  • 15 predefined ad locations that work on most every theme. Some themes do not like some locations very much.
  • Choose what groups do not see the ad(s).
  • A simple options page, anyone can configure it.
  • No need for multiple ad scripts. One ad code option, one script, works for each location.
  • Custom ads for each location for advanced users.
  • Optional branding removal.

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