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WP Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin 7.9

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- Fix Users list table
- Fix DirectEmail sender details
- Improve custom fields workflow
- Improve Coupons insert process
- Improve Export CSV workflow
- Improve Avatar storaged images
- Improve DirectEmail workflow
- Improve Stripe popup data
- Fix loading CSS and JS files into Admin section
- Fix MultiSelect field workflow
- Compatibility with latest PHP versions
- Fix Cancelling reason module workflow
- Improve Invoice showcase
- Improve PagSeguro recurring workflow
- Improve Notifications workflow.
- ADD Gutenberg Integration
- Optimize the mobile style
- Improve the Upload Avatar workflow
- Improve system performances
- Update Envato API integration
- ADD WPML Integration
- ADD Elementor Integration
- Improve Stripe workflow on Account Page
- Improve Stripe Coupon workflow
- Improve Avatar Image upload process with Crop option
- Fix Cancel Subscription workflow
- Fix Banner upload on Account Page option
- Fix Manually Transactions added
- Fix Register form warnings
- ADD Black Email List for Register step
- ADD DirectEmail options on Users table
- Improve text translations
- ADD Restrict ULP Courses and Curriculum together
- ADD Extra templates on wp Theme folder option
- ADD WP Profile image replaced by UMP Avatar image
- ADD Banner upload on Account Page option
- Improve Stripe trial payments
- Improve Stripe Coupons payments
- Improve PayPal trial payments
- Update the default language file
- Improve workflow with Ultimate Learning Pro
- GDPR Compliant
- Improve recurring Authorize workflow
- Improve Reset Password workflow
- Fix Invoice price show
- TOS error style improvement
- TOS Label display
- Improve Payment details to show trial price
- Improve Stripe coupon workflow.
- Improve text translations
- Improve front-end style and CSS structure
- Fix Admin notifications
- Fix Coupon workflow for recurring levels
- Fix Trial option for Bank Transfer payments
- Update Payza payment gateway
- Improve {constants} date format
- Change Authorize payment workflow
- Fix Renew link for authorize payments
- Fix Single Level Link - Braintree payment
- Improve Storing Coupons process
- Improve overall Stripe payment workflow
- New Subscription table design and functions improvements
- Add 3 new Login Templates
- Add 1 new Register Template
- Add 3 new Account Page Templates
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- Update Stripe API workflow based on the last requires
- Fix Notifications HTML content submission
- Fix Default WP Role for Pending approve action
- Improve Save Coupon functions
- Improve Pending Users login process

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