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VB4 [vBMods] Quote Box Like vB.org 1.0.0

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This is a small mod which will change the style of the "quote" to make it look like the one on vB.org.

It is a simple installation, just import the product XML, vbm_postbit_quote_box.xml

You can edit the options under the settings, [vBMods] Quote Box Like vB.org

Complete Feature List

Option to disable the mod completely.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Why do I need such a thing, you ask?

A. Some admins might like to have this nice little addition to their site.

Q. Help, why is my text grey?

A. Change the stylevar in your styles. It's the stylevar, vbm_postbit_quote_box_text_colour found under the group, vBModsStylevars.

Q. Help, why is the border grey?

A. Change the stylevar in your styles. It's the stylevar, vbm_postbit_quote_box_border_colour found under the group, vBModsStylevars.

Please remember to click the, "Mark as Installed" button to the right if you installed the mod ---->

What does 'Marking As Installed' do ?

* It helps you to stay on top of updates - members who have installed modifications will be notified whenever new updates are available.

* For security issues - vbulletin-mods.com will contact all members who have installed a modification whenever a security issue is brought to their attention.

* Marking a modification as installed also helps me know how many people are using my work, giving me extra incentive to provide more features and new modifications.

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