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VB4 vBSEO Nulled 3.6.0

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vBSEO 3.5 for vBulletin 4 (also compatible with vBulletin v.3.x) offers over 100 SEO-related options and nearly limitless configuration settings for all areas of your community, including groups, blogs, albums, all forum page types, custom pages, and other plugins/addons. Below are a number of highlighted features available in vBSEO 3.5 and vBulletin 4.

Keyword-friendly URLs (Threads)
Keyword-friendly URLs (Member Profiles)
Keyword-friendly URLs (CMS)
Keyword-friendly URLs (Blogs)
Keyword-friendly URLs (Albums)
Keyword-friendly URLs (Social Groups)
Keyword-friendly URLs (Thread Attachments & Images)
301 Redirect Old Standard URLs
301 Redirect Old Non-Standard URLs
Permalinks (Posts)
Permalinks (User Profiles)
Permalinks (User Albums)
Permalinks (Blogs)
Permalinks (Social Group Discussions)
Permalinks (Social Group Pictures)
Stop-word Filter for URLs (optional)
Character Replacements for URLs
Word Limit for URLs

Hierarchic URL Structure
100% Canonical Structure
Reformat Archive into an HTML Sitemap
Invert Archive Thread Display Order
Custom 404 Page Support
Homepage Aliases
Site-wide rel= canonical implementation
Site-wide rel=nofollow for non-canonical links
Granular rel=nofollow control for internal pages

Custom Rewrite Rules (CRR)
Custom Redirects
Functions for Extensibility (for Developers)
Logging & Tracking

Google Analytics Integration
Log Search Engine Spiders
Tracking External Link Clicks
Funnel Analytics for Member Registrations
Basic Segmentation Tracking
Enhanced Segmentation Tracking

Virtual HTML Display
Links Anchor Text Replacement (Internal)
Links Anchor Text Replacement (External)
Dynamic Meta Tags
Acronym Expansion (in Content)
Acronym Expansion (in URLs)
Guest Visitor Conditionals
Direct Links to True Target (removes redirects)
Cleanup HTML
Image dimensions

Full Pingback/Trackback/Refback System
XMLRPC ping system
Social Bookmarking (Per Thread)
Social Bookmarking (Per Post)
Non-English Character Replacement
Google Adsense targeting tags

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