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VB4 vFCoders - Hide Hack 4.0

No permission to download
.::vFCoders - Hide Hack::.​

This MOD gives users in selected forums the ability to hide their content by using any of the 7 BBCode. ([HIDE], [HIDE-REPLY], [HIDE-THANKS], [HIDE-REPLY-THANKS], [HIDE-POSTS], [SHOWTOGROUPS], [STG])

1. Features
  1. Seven different BBCode to Hide Contents.
    • [HIDE-REPLY] -> Content within this tag is not shown to user until he/she replies in that thread.
    • [HIDE-POSTS] -> Content within this tag can only be seen by people's who have more posts than defined number of posts.
    • [HIDE-THANKS] -> Content within can only be seen after the user says thank you by pressing Thanks Button. Requires: Abe1 [AJAX] Post Thank You Hack / vBSeo Like System.
    • [HIDE-REPLY-THANKS] -> Content within this tag is not shown to user until he/she either reply or press "Thank You" button.
    • [SHOWTOGROUPS] -> Content within this tag is only shown to defined usergroups.
    • [STG] -> Content within this tag is only shown to defined users.
    • [HIDE] -> This tag can be mapped to any of the above BBCodes. (Default - [HIDE-REPLY])
  2. Fully Compatible with Source and Wysiwyg Editor.
  3. No Template or File Edits. (optional - one file edit if you have rss enabled)
  4. Uses vBulletin easy Product installer/updater/uninstaller
  5. Uses AJAX technology so your users don't have to refresh to see hidden content.
  6. Content within Tags are completely hidden, there is no way to bypass hide tags. Contents are hidden everywhere including
    • Showthread
    • Threadbit
    • Archive
    • Search
    • Subscribed Threads in USERCP
    • Email
    • Print Page
    • RSS
    • Meta Description
    • Quote
  7. Usergroup permissions for each tag, including option to select usergroups which can always see Hidden Content.
  8. Global and Per-Forum Basis vBulletin settings for each tag.
  9. Option to turn on Hide Button's in quick reply and quick edit Editor.
  10. Uses Phrases
  11. Dialog Box for selecting Usergroup's when user clicks [SHOWTOGROUPS] Tag.

2. Installation
  • Download and unzip vFCoders_hide_hack.zip file from this thread.
  • Upload all the files inside "UPLOAD" folder into your vBulletin installation directory. (where forum.php file is located)
  • Import product-vfc_hide_hack.xml file through Product Manager in admincp.
  • Note: [HIDE-THANKS] and [HIDE-REPLY-THANKS] Tag will not work if you don't have Abe1 [AJAX] Post Thank You Hack or vBSEO Like System installed in your forum.
  • Optional - If you have RSS enabled in your forum, then open install.txt file and do the edit's which is mention in that file.

    Installation Complete..

3. Settings
  1. Global Settings: Admincp -> Settings -> Options -> vFCoders - Hide Hack
  2. Usergroup Settings: Admincp -> Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager -> Edit Usergroup -> vFCoders - Hide Hack Permissions
  3. Forum Settings: Admincp -> Forum Manager -> Edit Forum -> vFCoders - Hide Hack [Options]



Bug Fixes by various community members

1. Fix for moderators permissions:
reason: in vfc_hide_core.php in function fetch_msg_to_hide didn't come variable with forumid and function canbypass didn't work on this condition:

You don't have permission to view the code content.
AdminCP -> Plugins and Products - Find module: postbit_display_complete (vFCoders - Hide Hack [ Postbit]) and replace:

You don't have permission to view the code content.

You don't have permission to view the code content.
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