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What's New Tweak

xF2 Template Modification What's New Tweak 2.1.0

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  • Added permission to enable/disable auto refresh feature for usergroups
  • This update fixes a small issue with losing the user's preferred refresh settings. Now the settings are preserved even if the user logs off and on again.
This add-on can now be downloaded and used for free. No branding! Have fun ...
-Added option for users to select refresh frequency
-Lots of code optimization / cleanup / fixes
-New version for XF 2.1 and higher

  • Please note: this release is for XF 2.1 and higher!
  • Fixes a glitch with the "Hide search id from New Posts page" feature. If enabled it wil remove the search id from the URL in the browserbar. However, clicking on a topic on the What's new page and then going back to the What's new page didn't remember the page scroll position. Now it does :) Thanks webbouk for reporting this.
  • If you are upgrading, please make sure to also update this phrase: MrJinx_WhatsNewTweak_PageRefreshCountdown
    It contains redundant html code which you can remove:
    'This page will refresh in <span id="countdowntimer">{RefreshTime}</span> seconds'
  • Added tooltips to the refresh buttons
  • Some minor cosmetic changes (fade in/out refresh buttons)
  • This will be the last release supporting both XF 2.0 and XF 2.1. Future releases will be focused on XF 2.1.
  • Users can turn on/off auto refreshing with one click
  • This addon comes as free and paid version. If you like it, please upgrade to paid to support future development.
  • Replace visible URL to an URL without 'static' number (*1)
  • Now compatible with XF 2.1
*1) Explanation:
Normally when a visitor calls the New posts page, the page is presented as a static page with a number in the URL. Refreshing that page won't update the content inside it. This tweak will remove the number in the visible URL. Now if a visitor hits the browser's refresh button, they will actually get a fresh new page.
Example: https://www.domain.com//whats-new/posts/326902/ will be replaced by https://www.domain.com//whats-new/posts/


  • Added countdown timer [option] (suggested by @Nerdface)
  • Animate the refresh button on click and page refresh (suggested by @ichpen)
  • Added 'All post' menu item to the extra navigation bar
  • Added support for non friendly URLs

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