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WHMCS 7.1.2 NULLED by NulledTeam

WHMCS WHMCS 7.1.2 NULLED by NulledTeam 7.1.2

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This version of WHMCS 7.1.2 NULLED has been nulled by NulledTeam (Downloaded from WHMCS and Nulled). We recommended upgrading to this version for security. We do not include anything to harm your site. All callbacks have been removed or run thru our Redirect service.


File coming soon we are testing it as we speak and will Let VIP+ have it 14 days before we release it to the world!

How to install it ?
- Very simple, in License Key field, you only need put( nulledteam ). After that you can install normally as other scripts.

Items all unlocked to use include:

  • Branding Removal
  • Project Management Addon
  • Licensing Addon
  • Mobile Edition
  • iPhone App
  • Android App
  • Configurable Package Addon
  • License expires on 02-23-2050
Release Notes
This is a maintenance release for the 7.1 series of WHMCS that includes bug fixes & other updates.

Template Changes
Standard Cart Order Form
The following link provides a comparison of changes between 7.1.0 and 7.1.2:
Comparing v7.1.0-release.1...v7.1.2-release.1 · WHMCS/orderforms-standard_cart · GitHub

Version 7.1.2
CORE-10094 - Filter merged tickets from client area variables for the legacy Five template
CORE-10682 - Correctly honor Disable Reply Email Logging save state
CORE-10719 - Correct Quick Links count for admin v4 template sidebar
CORE-10756 - Improve rendering of System Overview when Blend sidebar is minimised
CORE-10773 - Remove mcrypt from recommended PHP extensions
CORE-10776 - Ensure valid value for "Average First Response" on Support Overview
CORE-10778 - Update .coop whois server address
CORE-10783 - Prevent exception for system cron do commands without email report option
CORE-10792 - Make fifth nameserver from server available in service email template merge fields
CORE-10796 - Display accurate Currency Exchange Rates status on Automation Status page
CORE-10806 - Accept sole cron option DatabaseBackup with Do command
CORE-10810 - Improve setup suggest on Escalation Rules page
CORE-10814 - Fallback to Stable update channel if an invalid option is defined
CORE-10816 - Improve detection of PECL MySQL extension in PHP 7 environments
CORE-10819 - Correct link destination for "Total Active Clients" within the Client Activity Widget
CORE-10828 - Do not create activity log entries for high frequency cron tasks
CORE-10833 - Improve admin session expiry detection on form submission and subsequent re-authentication
Also known as: CORE-10852
CORE-10836 - Update .ee whois server address
CORE-10840 - Improve responsive behaviour of admin homepage
CORE-10842 - Display tax rules in alphabetical order by country in configuration page
CORE-10843 - Improve cron activity detection during 7.1 upgrade routines
CORE-10847 - Improve robustness of sql upgrade queries
Also known as: CORE-10844
CORE-10849 - Replace deprecated split() usage
Also known as: MODULE-6495
CORE-10853 - Correct variables passed to ClientLogin hook
CORE-10857 - Exclude HostRecordCount from DNS Management page using eNom module
CORE-10860 - Correctly process eNom API availability response for large record sets
CORE-10868 - Honour Show on Order Form option when Clients Choose Gateways is disabled
CORE-10871 - Correct formatting within cart of flagged spotlight TLD's when using standard whois
CORE-10874 - Allow sole cron option DatabaseBackup with Skip command
CORE-10884 - Render Completed status label with distinct color on admin products/services list
CORE-10885 - Improve update mirror interaction for installations without Support & Updates
CORE-10888 - Display minimum functional version of cURL required in System Health
CORE-10896 - Improve redirection parsing and validation
CORE-10898 - Normalize management of Affiliate Withdrawal Minimum setting across client area
DEV-417 - Contextualize Updater environment and validation errors and provide additional help

MODULE-6479 - Correct Merchant Warrior testmode detection
MODULE-6483 - Improve Stripe template change detection logic
MODULE-6484 - Update Webnic testmode URL protocol
MODULE-6488 - Prevent error on Plesk Reseller Account editing (plesk/whmcs-plugin/pull/15)
Also known as: CORE-10808
MODULE-6492 - Update Stripe module to accept 4 digit CVV in Admin Area
MODULE-6493 - Correctly load Eway Tokens credit card template in client area
MODULE-6498 - Correct client name provided to Stripe for token creation
Also known as: MODULE-6497
MODULE-6502 - Use registrant contact for geo TLDs which do not support other contact type details
MODULE-6505 - Correct local IP identification for ResellerClub

CORE-10752 - Improvements for client area French translation
CORE-10858 - Improvements for client area Portuguese-BR translation
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