WHMCS WHMCS 8.10.0 RC 1 Nulled

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FEATURE-3759 - Auto Cancel Overdue Invoices
FEATURE-3792 - When aggregating invoices for auto cancellation, exclude those with partial payment or credit applied
CORE-19024 - Detect CloudFlare connection and provide a Health Status warning when applicable


CORE-19161 - Correct error with delete button on Client Overview Invoices tab
FEATURE-3687 - Ensure webhook handlers include History when logging to gateway log


MODULE-8066 - Correct Plesk SSO redirect location when accessing a secondary domain
MODULE-8067 - Prevent cron fatal error when capturing payment for an invoice that is set to PayPal Payments and the client has not stored a token
MODULE-8069 - Correct SagePay test/sandbox URL

Project Management Addon​

PMA-217 - Prevent erroneous permission failure when duplicating projects