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Word Count Search

xF2 Add-on Word Count Search 2.4.0

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  • Only show "Rebuild thread word-count" job if thread word-count is supported (aka Threadmarks is installed).
  • Rework back-end code to better isolate how threadmarks are used to populate a thread's word-count.
    • Allows easy replacement of how a thread's word-count is populated.
  • Fix "Invalid use of NULL value" with installer
  • Fix modified threads did not trigger search re-indexing on as expected
  • Move filters & input selection into template macros for better re-use by other add-ons (Required for Watch Thread filtering support)
  • Tweak layout to be more compact and use XF2 numberbox instead of input type="number"
  • Avoid rebuilding word-counts for threads with threadmarks
  • Minimum supported Threadmark's version is now v2.2.0
  • Add an icon
  • Reduce SQL queries added during search indexing threads
  • Now depends on NulledTeam - Search Improvements to execute word-count range searches
    • Upcoming Report Improvements shares the same backend for warning point range searches (on MySQL and ElasticSearch)
  • Compatibility bugfix for XF2.0.10/Threadmarks when editing the first post with threadmark changes
  • Update Threadmark integration to better respect Threadmark 'view threadmarks' permission