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xF2 Add-on Word Count Search 2.6.8

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  • Minor code update to better support Threadmarks not triggering additional queries
  • Adjust how first post word-count is computed during search-indexing
  • Fix race condition updating the stored word-count when editing a post
  • Fix that editing a post could cause the threadmark category word-count to get out of sync with the thread word-count
    • Updating will trigger a rebuild of thread word-count totals (if they have threadmarks)
  • Fix word-counts being unexpectedly recomputed on posting a new reply to a thread, take 2.
  • Fix editing posts which result in the word-count dropping under the threshold to memorize
  • Fix that memorized post word-counts are not deleted when a post/thread is hard-deleted
  • Prune memorized word-counts for deleted posts
  • Reduce word-count overestimation, by skipping erroneous non-word characters.
  • Fix error when reverting a user's edit history via admin tools
  • Support sorting by word-count in thread-list for XF2.2
  • Require XF2.1+
  • Support Threadmarks Pro v2.6.0+ (still works with Threadmarks Pro v2.2.0+)
  • Fix word-counts not being injected into thread list due to an incorrect check
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