XenCore Tools (60 new features!)

xF1 Add-on XenCore Tools (60 new features!) 3.0.5

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New release 3.0.5
  • Add new effect to logo: Shake
New release 3.0.4

- FontAwesome has been updated to latest version (4.7.0), 41 New Icons and set of 675 icons!
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New release 3.0.3

- Font Awesome Library: Easily edit the path to the CDN Font awesome
- Google Font: Add your google font !
- Resource Icon Circle: Allows you to show the resources icon under shape of a circle


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New release: 3.0.2

- Fix minor bugs
- FontAwesome has been updated to latest version (4.6.3)
- Standardization css
- Support XenForo 1.5.8

PS: French language included!