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XenForo 2.0.0 Developer

Released (Unsupport) XenForo 2.0.0 Developer Preview 4

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XenForo 2.0.0 Developer Preview 4 is now available for testing. This has a wide ranging set of changes, including:
  • Scrollable notices have returned. They are now a separate notice type so you can have both block and scrollable notices simultaneously. Note that block notices will always display above the scrollable notices carousel.
  • The <xf:js> tag now supports several new attributes to aid development. "dev" and "prod" attributes can be used to identify which JS should be loaded in development and production environments respectively. If the "src" attribute is used with a "min" attribute present, production mode will automatically request the ".min.js" version of the file instead. Finally, if an "addon" attribute is present, the new js/devjs.php file will be used which can pull the development version of the JS file from within the add-on's _files directory.
  • The add-on release building process has changed significantly and support for a new build.json file has been added. The system now allows you to add specific commands to execute during the build process and can support minifying JS for you. Note that the additional_files option has moved to build.json.
  • The existing default watch option has been split into two more generic options, one for creating content (like starting a thread) and one for interacting with it (like replying to a thread). Additionally, because these are generic, add-ons should be able to more easily piggyback on them.
  • Widgets can now be assigned to multiple positions simultaneously. This can reduce repetition.
  • The main control panel dashboard page has been expanded with small statistics graphs and a table overview of several types of logs.
  • An option has been added to enforce URL canonicalization within XenForo based on the board URL option. This saves having to do it in .htaccess, for example. Note though that if your board URL is incorrect and this option is enabled, the forum won't be accessible. (You can still log into the control panel to resolve the issue.)
  • Finally, support for displaying custom BB code icons in the RTE has returned. The process is slightly different as using a Font Awesome icon is the preferred approach for consistency, but a separate image can be used if preferred.
As usual, this only scratches the surface of the changes.

Installing the new release

As per the initial developer preview announcement, there are no upgrade options between developer previews. As such, our recommended course of action is a fresh install (in a new directory) or a re-installation (in the existing directory). If you are doing a reinstallation in this manner, you should pay attention to our specific reinstallation guidelines.
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