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XenForo 2.0.0 Developer

Released (Unsupport) XenForo 2.0.0 Developer Preview 8

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This is an alpha-level release. Do not use it in production. Understand the restrictions and requirements before downloading this release.

XenForo 2.0.0 Developer Preview 8 is now available for testing.

Alongside a slew of bug fixes and performance tweaks, DP8 includes a collection of new features aimed at providing richer posts and easier ways to navigate them.

New 'Find Threads' Collections

XF2 now includes links that allow users to quickly find threads they themselves have created, threads containing their posts and unanswered threads. You can see this for yourself using these links:
New Media Embedding Options

New to XenForo 2 is oEmbed support. This open standard allows information about resources such as images, videos and text to be fetched in a well-defined JSON package. XenForo can request these packages and then display the returned information using [MEDIA] tags. Supporting oEmbed has allowed us to include support for Instagram, Flickr, Reddit, Tumblr and SoundCloud.

Additionally, further work has been done to improve the functionality of existing BB Code Media Sites, for example by adding the ability to specify a start time for YouTube videos, and to enable embedding of Facebook posts as well as videos.

Finally, we have added more media sources to the default BB Code Media Site collection, including Giphy, Imgur, Pinterest, Spotify, Twitch and Twitter(demonstrated below).

Also new to this version
  • Template editor has been re-styled to make better use of space

  • Style chooser now redirects to exactly the same template, style property etc. when switching styles

  • Number inputs have been restyled for consistency across browsers

  • New CLI tools for add-on developers. Specifically xf-addon:validate-json and xf-addon:setup-step. You can find more information about these in the developer documentation.

Installing the new release

As per the initial developer preview announcement, there are no upgrade options between developer previews. As such, our recommended course of action is a fresh install (in a new directory) or a re-installation (in the existing directory). If you are doing a reinstallation in this manner, you should pay attention to our specific reinstallation guidelines.

As a reminder, you can find our initial developer documentation and installation guide here:

Bug reports, feedback and development discussion

Please continue to use the appropriate forums on this demo installation for these types of discussions.

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