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xenMiG Portal

xF1 Add-on xenMiG Portal 1.0.2

No permission to download
Compatible XF Versions:​
  • 1.4
Visible Branding:​
Yes, but removable with payment

xenMiG is a collaboration between xenDACH, the German XenForo Community, and Monkey Palm Media UG (limited liability company). Together we develop add-ons for XenForo software. The first result of this collaboration is the now appearing xenMiG portal.

In addition to your XenForo forum-software, you are looking for a comprehensive portal with creative freedom? The xenMiG portal could be just the thing for you.

Our portal gives you:
  • A grid-based layout system with multiline gridfunctionality
  • A layout with drag and drop functionality
  • The design components can be individualized by XenForo´s style editor
  • An extensible widget system with a wide range of settings for widgets
  • Row-based, free positioning of widgets
  • Responsive design
  • Search Engines optimized (wip)
Integrated news system:
  • Extensive, category-based news system with multi-function teaser
  • Extensive dependencies for the news
  • Expandable editorial system for the news management in front- and backend
  • Create wews from thread, post, URL or article
Integrated (small) article system:
  • Extensive, category-based aticle system with multi-function teaser
  • Extensive dependencies for the articles
  • Expandable editorial system for the article management in front- and backend
Extended XenForo functions
  • 29 new permissions
  • 4 new bbcodes for all parts of XenForo implemented into the XenForo editor
    • align justify
    • fload left
    • float right
    • columns
  • 10 new style property group with dozens of new style functions
  • Stip portal page from all XenForo components to a real empty page for your free design
  • and more

Take a look into the Future now
  • More widgets
  • Special news pages (Version 1,1)
  • Article article pages (Version 1.1)
  • Upload into articles (independent from XenForo) (Version 1.1)
  • ...
more soon

Widget Overview (at the moment only English, but with a lot of screenshots)

Please note
xenMiG Portal is a commercial product and will cost 49,-€
(after the first year you need 15,-€/year for update and support)

If you like to buy it

For Information
Is there a license protection / license key?
To protect our software, we have decided to use a license key.
This key is entered by you and checked on our servers.

How does the review run?
The key will be checked while calling the Layout customizer.

Can I install more than one instance (test environment)?
Per license one productive environment and one development environment are possible.
=> Always: Domain "localhost"
=> Other domains should be mentioned on purchase

What happens if I am offline for some time, but would like to work on the layout?
Working offline will be possible temporarily. Permanently working offline is not possible
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