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[xFv] Founding Members

[xFv] Founding Members 1.3.1

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Compatible XF Versions 2.x
Have a new forum? or even an old one? Either way, this is the addon is whats needed for your site.
xFv Founding Members for XF 2 lets you reward your specified amount of new members with a "Founding Member'' banner.
Even if you have an older progressed forum, this addon takes that into account.

  • Choose up to 500 max Founding Members.
  • Choose from 10 predefined colored default banners.
  • Added custom css banner options.
  • Added custom css banner title.
  • Choose a custom image banner from the internet or choose a image locally hosted.
  • 5 banner locations to choose from.



Likes:Neutral Singh and Alien
First release
Aug 18, 2017
Last update
Today at 12:21 AM
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First release
Last update
0.00 star(s) 0 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. [xFv] Founding Members 1.3.1

    Fixed banner issue in profile template.
  2. [xFv] Founding Members 1.2.9

    Fixed more mobile issues.
  3. [xFv] Founding Members 1.2.3

    Fixed bug where everyone is a founding member in responsive mobile mode.