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[XT] Membermap

xF2 Add-on [XT] Membermap 1.0.2

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Fixed issues:
  • error when merge users
  • js error when lat/lng more then 3 decimal numbers
  • verifyOption for empty Lat/Lng in options
New features:
  • User search criteria for location field
  • User search criteria for show/hide on membermap
  • Batch update users for empty location field
  • Batch update users for hiding on membermap

BTW Don't be confused about the version number. This i cause the dev is too stupid to type numbers. :ROFLMAO:

For those who have install the v1.0.2 during fixing issues, just upgrade and override the files.


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  • Fixed issue with api key validation.
  • Added OverlappingMarkerSpiderfier
  • Added option for map centering when markers are set


  • Issue during Rebuilding MapData
  • Delete locationData and minimap if:
    • delete user
    • change user group (without perm)
    • user ban
    • user disabled
  • some code tweaks


  • User activity as option for showing on map
  • MaxZoom und minCluster for Clustering
  • switch to two different api entrys 'cause api restriction for public api key
  • acp user action for delete minimap
  • rebuild mapData for ALL or just for empty user profile fields
  • style property for adding own mapStyle (Styling your map | Maps JavaScript API | Google Developers)


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  • Error with Rebuild function
  • Error with pagination on log list
  • Issue with mousehover text on mapmarker
New functiond:
  • Autocomplete location field
  • enable/disable logging and lifetime options (advanced mode)
  • DailyCleanUp CronJob for log table will delete all entries older than lifetime


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