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- Fix to payment_manage admin page 500 error
- Fix to demo mode checker which sometimes caused plugins to be hidden
- Support for server pooling via the API /file/upload endpoint

Release notes:
- There are no database changes in this release.
- To apply the upgrade from v5.5.0, simply upload the files detailed in /install/resources/upgrade_file_diffs/v5.5.0_to_v5.5.1_DIFF.txt
- PHP 8.3 support
- Admin area:
- Added admin area theme editor for Spirit theme. Control the styling of the front-end website and file manager via the UI
- Admin area templates can now be overridden at the theme level by creating the same twig file in /themes/spirit/views/admin/. Changes will be retained between script releases
- Added option to set custom admin area CSS via the theme settings
- Added option within site settings to distribute files uploaded at the same time over separate storage servers. See "Use Server Upload Pooling" to enable
- Added option within site settings to block downloading based on country
- Added support for admin users to restrict download URLs by IP via the API
- Added support to monitor server resource usage on additional local file servers
- Fix to editing storage path and improved downloads setting for local file servers
- Admin area translations:
- All admin area text content can now be translated into your own language (LTR languages)
- Removal of hardcoded casing for all translations (for example, Twig templates upper-casing translated text)
- Filter added to manage translations screen to separate front-end and admin translations for easier management
- Fix to 500 error when displaying translation keys for debug purposes
- API:
- Added 'email_address' param to /account/info API endpoint
- Added '/file/url_upload_add' endpoint so remote URL downloading can be scheduled via the API (requires background downloading enabled)
- Added '/file/url_upload_status' endpoint to check the status of scheduled remote downloads (requires background downloading enabled)
- Resolved issues in certain environments around background remote URL uploading
- Improved performance of stats logging on bigger databases
- Fixed issue where uploaded files may not be deleted on certain cloud providers (i.e Wasabi)
- Ensured test_sanity_check_files.php can only be run via CLI and resolved some minor issues relating to artifact paths
- Various other small UI improvements and fixes


- Media Converter
- Added option to retain original MP4 and simply make it streamable using qt-faststart

Release notes:
- There are database changes with this release. Please apply the SQL in /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v5.5.0.sql
- This will be the last release with PHP 7.x support. We'd recommend upgrading to PHP 8.x so future releases of the script will continue to function as expected
- PHP v8.2 support
- LiteSpeed webserver support
- X-Litespeed-Location improved downloads option on LiteSpeed file servers
- Performance improvements:
- Improved core framework load times by reducing database queries on each load
- Removed IP ban for 'Whole Site' option to improve core load times. These should be managed via your web server going forward
- Additional database indexes based on SQL queries within the core framework
- Improved user session timeout handling
- File Manager:
- Added user action logging on all file manager actions, additions and edits
- Added checkboxes on files and folders for multi-select
- Added file history audit popup on file details page to view every relating action, only available to file owners
- Added unique file hash for file manager direct download links to ensure they can't be easily guessed
- Added total sub-folder count next to file count in folder listings
- Added option to download selected files/folder as zip, rather than just the entire folder
- Added support for copying folders on the right-click folder menu
- Added option to move files & folders on the right-click menu
- Ensured intermediate download pages are shown to users when files are requested via shared folders (if set)
- Added new right-click menu when multiple items selected
- Added account upgrade boxes to the "You must be a paid user to download this file" screen
- Fixed alert which sometimes incorrectly informed the user they'd selected the maximum concurrent uploads
- Admin Area:
- Added user action logging on all admin actions, additions and edits
- Added quick search widget to make navigating and finding admin area items more intuitive
- Moved add/edit file server pages into a dedicated page instead of popup
- Redesigned layout of add/edit file server pages
- Added resource usage stats for "local" and "direct" servers (see release notes below to enable):
- Captures usage of HD space, memory, CPU load and network connections
- Shown on:
- Manage file server list
- Edit file server
- Added option to toggle resource usage stats on add/edit file server
- Added 'direct' storage availability checker:
- Pings each 'direct' server at regular intervals to ensure it's online
- Offline servers are temporarily removed from the available upload server pool
- Added option to toggle availability checker on add/edit file server
- Status shown within the admin area on server listing and edit file server screens
- Added user action logs page - view an audit of all user actions, file changes and admin updates
- Added link to filtered user action logs on existing user & file management pages
- Added support for renaming "Local Default" file server
- Added option to store files in the format /user_id/original_filename instead of the hashed filename version (disables dedupe storage)
- Added option to purge download stats when editing a file
- Added option to limit total daily download filesize by account package
- Added site setting to disable or enable access for users to purge trash cans
- Added the ability to delete files within user trash cans via the file listing
- Added view of file artifacts and their storage location on edit file modal
- Updated File Import Plugin so it now only scans and creates file entries in the database. Files should now be manually moved into storage after importing. Improves performance on large directory structures
- Ensured any files moved between servers via the internal API are not counted towards file download stats
- Resolved issue where file image cache deletion in the file action queue, sometimes isn't linked to the correct 'direct' file server
- Improved error checking and logging when moving files between local and 'direct' servers
- API:
- Added option to use short URL when requesting file download link (/files/download endpoint)
- Fixed permissions issue with /account/info endpoint which sometimes allowed access to non-admin users
- Artifact Storage:
- Significant rework of how files are stored within the script to allow for storage mirroring in a future release
- Support in the data structure for multiple copies of a file to exist on multiple servers
- Added support for multiple IP addresses in HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR
- In the document previewer, Microsoft Office file types are now previewed using the Office Web Viewer (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx)
- Resolved issue were certain non-public files could be copied from other accounts using the "copyExternalFileIntoAccount()" function in the browser console
- Updated Omnipay payment gateway library to v3.2
- Upgraded composer dependencies to the latest available releases


- Amazon S3 Storage
- Removed third party class and integrated official SDK
- Added support for direct downloads using secure pre-signed URLs
- Improved memory handling during uploads
- WebDav
- Added support to include shared files & folders via WebDav (currently read only access)
- Added option within plugin settings to set the name of the shared folder
- Coinbase Commerce
- New plugin
- Filebase Storage
- New plugin
- Wasabi Storage
- Removed third party class and integrated official SDK
- Added support for direct downloads using secure pre-signed URLs
- Improved memory handling during uploads
- Added recently released region endpoints
- Contabo & Minio Storage
- Removed third party class and integrated official SDK
- Added support for direct downloads using secure pre-signed URLs
- Improved memory handling during uploads

Release Notes for v5.4.0:

- This release increases the minimum required PHP version to v7.3. Please ensure you're using this version before upgrading an existing install
- There are database changes with this release. Please backup your current database, then apply the SQL in /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v5.4.0.sql
- To enable file server resource usage stats and server availability checker, 2 new cron tasks have been added, see Setup Cron tasks and Crontab troubleshooting - Support
- Fix to downgrade_accounts.cron.php cron task.
- Fix to avoid new geoip functions breaking when there's no IP passed.
- Fix to internal API delete file endpoint.
- Other minor improvements and fixes.


- Minio File Storage:
- New plugin.
- Store your files on Minio based S3 storage.
- Direct download using pre-signed URLs supported.
- Wasabi File Storage:
- Added missing S3 endpoints.

Release notes: To apply the update from v5.3.0, simply upload the following files to your install:

- /app/controllers/AccountDownloadController.class.php
- /app/controllers/AccountFileController.class.php
- /app/core/Framework.class.php
- /app/helpers/AdminApiHelper.class.php
- /app/helpers/StatsHelper.class.php
- /app/helpers/UserHelper.class.php
- /themes/spirit/assets/js/evolution.js
- /themes/spirit/controllers/IndexController.class.php
- /themes/spirit/views/account/partial/_preview_download.html.twig
- /themes/spirit/views/index.html.twig
- New Advertising Module:
- Dedicated admin section for managing site advertising.
- Support for video adverts using VAST or Google IMA urls.
- Option to set different banner advert for adult and non adult content throughout the site.
- Admin area setting to define adult keywords.
- New video player integrated into the file preview plugin to support video adverts.
- Target uploads to file storage servers depending on account type. For example, send paid account uploads to faster servers.
- Added cancel upload option within file manager. Options to cancel any pending file or the entire upload.
- Limit upload speed by account package using Nginx. You can now set an "Upload Url Slug" via the account package settings. When using Nginx, you can configure this to be speed limited.
- Limit concurrent downloads better in Nginx. You can now set a "Download Url Slug" via the account package settings. On Nginx this can be configured to limit connections or download speed.
- Improvement to the document viewer so it continues to work even when downloads are locked down by IP address.
- Fixed issue with zipping files when downloads are locked down by IP address.
- Added site settings to disable chunked uploads and the chunked upload file size. (recommend for advanced setups only)
- Added option within the file edit popup in the file manager, to set minimum required account level to download. For example, paid accounts only.
- Added subtitle proxy script to resolve browser CORS issue when subtitles are stored on remote file servers.
- Ensured the local server is listed in the admin purge cache pages, when set as disabled.
- Added option for lifetime premium accounts.
- Added admin site setting to block non-login uploads. Enables blocking of non-login uploads from third party desktop apps.
- Upgraded core GeoIP library to use GeoLite2 by Maxmind. IP database updated to the latest.
- Resolved issue with crypto functions where data sometimes fails to encrypt fully.
- Removed unused plugin_tasks.cron.php file and reference in admin background tasks.
- Improvements to ipv6 validation and login logs.
- Fix to concurrent upload account package limits sometimes not working as it should.
- Improvement to make downloads per 24 hours limit based on download stats, so they're no longer dependent on download tracking option.
- Fix to file manager right-click on a Mac triggering the file details view instead of showing the context menu.
- Fix to captcha error on login form when using 2FA with captcha enabled.
- Fix to url downloads when using a different domain on the file server. Now uses postMessage to communicate between iframes.
- Fix to internal and email notifications cron tasks.
- Fix to ensure direct links to videos play inline rather than force download. Applied when xSendFile or xAccelRedirect enabled.
- Fix to incorrect deletion reason being shown on admin bulk file removal tool.
- Fix to file uploads on direct file servers sometimes not linking to a users account when 2FA enabled.
- Various minor fixes and improvements.


- Stripe:
- Minor wording change on checkout process.
- Media Converter:
- Ensured folder size is recalculated after video converted.
- WebDav:
- Ensured folder size is recalculated after file move.
- Rewards:
- Added an option to limit logging PPD by downloading account type.
- Clarified option to limit access to earn PPD by account type.
- Blocked actual logging of PPD earnings if account type not enabled in plugin settings, rather than just hide reward pages from the UI.
- Added link to detailed PPD logs in rewards admin menu.
- Other minor fixes and improvements.

Release notes: There are database changes with this release. Please apply the SQL in
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- PHP v8.0 support.
- 2FA integration for site login.
--- New admin site settings option to enable the feature.
--- User can enable/disable 2FA via account settings.
--- Admin area option to reset 2FA by user.
--- User login process updated to prompt for 2FA, if enabled.
--- Admin login has separate prompt for 2FA, if enabled.
- Social login updated to request 2FA, if enabled.
- Admin option to purge application cache on file servers aswell as the main local server.
- File referrer lock. Added optional account setting to whitelist referring domains on file download links. If set, only the set domains can link to files outside of the site.
- Added API documentation page on the front-end of the site. Option to disable via admin site settings.
- Added "duplicate file to account" button on file preview page so files can be easily copied.
- Performance improvement to md5 hash generation for large files.
- Admin area site setting option to disable md5 file hashing over certain file sizes. Resolves md5_file() performance issues on low resource hosts.
- Added reason for file removal on delete. For example, admin/user removed, copyright claim or system expired. Shown when trying to access the download url.
- Added option to set download pages by file type aswell as account type.
- Improved system logging within the upload process.
- Improved file manager "Copy Urls to Clipboard" to include all selected folders rather than just the current.
- Added UID to each log session to simplify reviewing log history.
- Minor file manager UI improvements. Including left-clicking to clear selected, context menu & drag start location tidy ups and selected folder reload on paging.
- Various Spirit theme responsive view improvements.
- Improvement to layout when viewing the register page on smaller height resolutions.
- Improved file meta description and keywords tags for SEO.
- Moved caching of used server storage space value into cron task, rather than each file upload, for better performance.
- Updated loading of file by shortUrl so it is case sensitive.
- Added support for SSH keys aswell as passwords, in file server SSH connection details.
- Updated token download urls for media so they always includes the filename, for third party player compatibility.
- Added catch in core database class for "SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away" errors. Attempts to reconnect rather than exiting.
- Fix to video playback on Safari when not using XSendFile or XAccelRedirect.
- Fix to enforce UTF8 character encoding on email sending.
- Fixed issue which caused some cache files to not be queued for deletion on 'direct' file servers.
- Fixed logo within emails so it's replaced with the one set via the theme settings.
- Fixed issue with admin area delete user function, which sometimes caused uploaded files not to be removed.
- Fixed double icon issue when file preview "Show Thumbnails" option disabled.
- Fixed issue with erroneous HTML being output on uploader when file previewer plugin disabled.
- Fixed issue with "download as zip" to ensure the zip file name on the server is always unique.
- Ensured folderHash is set on folder creation within the file import plugin.
- Fix to "Query Type" wording on contact email notification.
- Fix to paid account expiry date not working on API account edit.


- Stripe:
--- Upgraded to offsite payment API.
- Rewards:
--- Improvement to cookie clearing on affiliate tracking.
--- Fix to unique index on 'plugin_reward_aggregated' which may cause DB errors.
--- Note DB changes for this plugin release in:
----- \plugins\rewards\offline\upgrade_sql_statements\v21 - v22.sql
- File Leech:
--- Migrated to v5.
- Archive Manager:
--- Added detailed logging.
--- Added options to set full zip/rar binary paths in plugin settings. Solves some cron task issues in certain environments.
--- Added support for connecting to file servers using SSH keys aswell as passwords.
- File Previewer:
--- Performance improvement on thumbnail generation cron.
- Media Converter:
--- Added support for connecting to file servers using SSH keys aswell as passwords.
- FTP Plugin:
--- Added passive mode admin option.
--- Fixed CORS issue on import, when using an external file server as the FTP host.
- S3 Storage:
--- Moved actual S3 file deletes into the file action queue to improve performance.
- Wasabi Storage:
--- Moved actual Wasabi file deletes into the file action queue to improve performance.

Release notes: There are database changes with this release. Please apply the SQL in /install/resources/upgrade_sql_statements/v5.2.0.sql. Upload the following folder contents to apply the code changes:


Please see the script documentation for other upgrade guidance.
- Fixed javascript issue when restricting uploads by file type.
- Fixed issue with the delete redundant files task.
- Added better logging in background processes.

Release notes: There are no database changes in this release. To apply the update
from the last release, simply upload the following files:

- /app/controllers/FileController.class.php
- /app/core/Framework.class.php
- /app/helpers/FileHelper.class.php
- /app/helpers/FileActionHelper.class.php
- /app/models/File.class.php
- /themes/spirit/views/account/partial/_uploader_javascript.html.twig
- Complete core rewrite:
- New MVC script framework.
- Separation of business logic (PHP) and views.
- Custom page url routing.
- Friendly urls throughout main site and admin area.
- Twig templating engine - True separation of PHP logic and views.
- Javascript translations moved to external JS file rather than embedded in the page source.
- Application cache for increased performance - Routing Cache & Twig Template Cache.
- New MVC structure for both plugins and themes.
- Controllers and templates and be overridden at plugin and theme level.
- Added support for transparent pngs on avatars.
- Friendlier urls on direct file links. (removal of .php/.html)
- Moved towards object based data updates (ORM).
- Theme template inheritance. Override views at template or plugin level.
- Admin test tools.
- Flow & blue_v2 themes replaced with the new Spirit theme using Bootstrap 4.
- Document Viewer plugin replaced with the File Previewer plugin.
- File manager refresh, including updates to the uploader.
- Support for uploading additional files without reloading the browser.
- Non-account upload replaced with "Trial accounts".
- Backblaze cloud file storage support.
- Social login plugin upgrade, including refreshing guidance.
- Improved Sharing Functionality:
- Share files aswell as folders now.
- Select multiple files/folders to share at once, rather than folder only level.
- Admin manage sharing pages.
- Globally shared folders - admin can set folders to be accessed by all accounts.
- Moved shared folders/files into dedicated left navigation item.
- Email notification added on internal sharing.
- More advert spots added to the front-end, easily set via the admin site settings.
- Added option to set keywords and description on files.
- Keywords displayed on file details view, linked to search.
- Search feature now includes keywords and description.
- Fix to adblock detection script.
- Improvements to drop & drop uploads directly into file manager without loading the uploader popup.
- Site setting option to use local sessions rather than database based sessions.
- Site settings to control min/max length of account usernames.
- Site setting to enable download tokens to be limited by IP address.
- Changes to file details page, now full page and larger preview.
- Added sharing page and trash page links on mobile view.
- Enabled 'enter' key submission on add/edit file/folder popups.
- Minor fix to avoid reloading page if upload completes when viewing file details.
- Minor fix to script update notification checker.

Release notes: This release is a major upgrade to the codebase. To upgrade existing installs,
please see the "Upgrade from v4.x" tab in the /install/ folder.
- Removal of eregi dependency in stats helper. (PHP 7.4 fix)
- Removal of get_magic_quotes_gpc() function call in master script.
- Fix for SQLi vulnerability within admin area datatable scripts.
- Fix for PayPal subscriptions not always being setup as expected.

Release notes: There are no database changes in this release. Changed files:

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- Fix to IP to location library.
- Update to the latest IP locations.

Release notes: There are no database changes in this release. Changed files:

/core/includes/ip_to_country/ (whole folder)