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    xF2 Add-on Redis Cache By Xon - 2.16.1 - Minor behavior change

    Disable behavior which caused css.php to return a 404 on an invalid template. For the old behaviour of returning a HTTP 404 response, set this config.php option: $config['svForce404OnEmptyCss'] = true;
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    xF2 Add-on [DBTech] Payment UI - 1.2.0

    Update highlights This version adds support for a couple of 3rd party add-ons (largely untested, so feedback is welcome!) as well as fixing an issue with a recent XenForo update where the buttons would not show the text correctly. Complete Change Log Feature: Add support for Siropu Ads...
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    xF2 Add-on OzzModz] Editor Icon Styling 2.0.0

    Requirements: XenForo 2.2+ Description: This is an addon that will allow you to change the colors for just about every icon in the editor. This is all controlled by style properties so it is customizable on a per style basis. Style Properties: Examples:
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    xF2 Add-on [FF] [OzzModz] Content Badges Daily Limit 1.0.0

    Adds a new permission to usergroups to allow limiting the awards given to a maximum amount daily. Will throw up an error (customizable phrase) if the limit is reached.
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    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Country Flags by IP Address - [OzzModz] Country Flags by IP Address 2.2+ Update 2.2.1 Patch Level 3

    2.2.1 Patch Level 3: - Fix: check $user is not array in member_list_macros template modification
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    DataLife DataLife Engine (DLE) - 17.1

    The last update to CMS DLE 17.1 took place in February 2024. The update is the best according to users over the past 3 years. In the new version you can expect: New global tag LANG_PARAMETER . You can also now change the nickname of the comment author. Turn prefixes on or off for uploaded...
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    WP Rank Math SEO PRO - v3.0.56 February 21, 2024

    Updated: Portuguese (Brazil) Translations Improved: Schema Template labels for clarity Fixed: PHP error on Post Analytics page when the site is not connected to Google Analytics Fixed: Incorrect URL used in the Schema Global Template’s edit button when Site URL and WordPress URL are different
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    WP MemberPress Pro - 1.11.25 – 2024-02-20

    * This version contains a security fix for a XSS vulnerability. We recommend all users update to 1.11.25. Added You can now categorize your Memberships Changed Significant speed and loading improvements for the MemberPress > Reports Stripe Checkout meta data more inline with Elements...
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    WP Brisk 5.0.9

    Brisk NULLED is the fastest and easiest way to bring your ideas to life. Brisk is perfect for web designers and business owners in need of a fully-functional and attractive website without all the fuss. You can finally customize everything on your website, easily and directly. Elementor is the...
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    WP FileBird - Feb 21, 2024 - Version 6.0.8

    - Improved: Folder tree appearance after deleting a folder - Improved: "Activate license" screen - Updated: POT file - Fixed: Missing folder icons on Safari
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    Script Yetishare Filehosting - v5.5.1 - Minor fixes and improvements - 7th February 2024

    - Fix to payment_manage admin page 500 error - Fix to demo mode checker which sometimes caused plugins to be hidden - Support for server pooling via the API /file/upload endpoint Release notes: - There are no database changes in this release. - To apply the upgrade from v5.5.0, simply upload...
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    Script MailWizz - -- Version 2.4.4 - 2024-02-13

    [ADD] - Add ability for customers to select if they want to receive DNS details via email for Sending Domains [ADD] - Added the ability to restrict the number of the responses per responder for a survey. [BUG] - Fixed a bug preventing subscriber values to be set on copy/move actions
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    WP Mailster - Version 4.0.1 (2024-02-14)

    fixed some phpcbf issues fixed: Newsletter homepage creation causes broken blocks fixed: checkout links fixed: typo fixed: some automations got stuck on the delay step under certain conditions
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    WP Ultimate Membership Pro - Version 12.3 – 01.06.2024- Changed: Files Optimization

    - Fixed: Functionality when the Default Payment Gateway is missing - Fixed: The Required option is removed when the Custom Field is removed from Admin Page
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    Script Chat - Support Board - 31/01/2024 | Support Board | V 3.6.8

    Bug Fixed bug related to departments filter for agents. Bug Fixed bug related to Push notifications on iOS devices. Bug Fixed bug related to red notifications. Bug Fixed bug related to issues with audio recording on Safari. Bug Fixed bug related to queue and routing. Bug Fixed bug related to RTL...
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    xF2 Add-on Content Title Edit History - 2.4.0 - Bugfix & maintenance update

    This add-on is now available on Require php 7.2+ Require XenForo 2.2+ Require Standard Lib v1.18.0+ Fix template error when $config['enableListeners'] is set to false, or this add-on is being upgraded Compatibility fix for addons which iterate the entity content type field...
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    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Country Flags by IP Address - [OzzModz] Country Flags by IP Address 2.2+ Update 2.2.1 Patch Level 2

    2.2.1 Patch Level 2: - Fix: avoid "call canViewCountryFlag() on null" in template modification
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    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Security Lock Old Accounts 2.1.0

    Requirements: XenForo 2.2+ Description: This small addon will help you ward off the spammers using old accounts that have been breached. What this does is set the accounts security lock to "reset" which means the user will have to reset their password before they login. The way to reset the...
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    xF2 Add-on [cv6] Admin Tools - [cv6] Admin Tools for XenForo 2.2+ Update 2.1.1

    2.1.1 Added collapse ability to permission definition list
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    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Show Thread Title Above First Post 2.0.0 Patch Level 2

    Requirements: XenForo 2.2+ Description: This small addon will allow you to show the threads title above the first post of the thread. Before: After: