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  1. DannyRRR

    xF2 Add-on [Xen-Soluce] Social Locker 2.0.1

    Description : This add-on allow you to force users to share your site on facebook before viewing the content. Feature summary : Options : Header Message Theme : Starter Secrets Flat Dandyish Glass Overlap mode : Full Transparence Overlap position : Top Middle Scroll Blurring Overlap...
  2. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [Xen-Soluce] Add-on Archive Improvements 2.0.0

    Description : This add-on allows you to add some improvements to your install/upgrade from archive page. Feature summary : Options : Install/upgrade from archive (button) More options (button) Branding : This add-on does not include branding. Installation : Download and unzip it. Copy...
  3. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [Liam W.] Post Macros 5.2.0 Fix 3

    Description : Post Macros 5 is a XenForo 2 compatible major rewrite of my Post Macros add-on for XF 1. Post Macros allows your users to define 'macros' that are available to use inside of the rich text editors on your board. These macros can have 'metadata' assigned to them, allowing them to...
  4. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [Liam W.] Conversation Folders 2.1.0

    Description : Sort your conversations into named folders with Conversation Folders. Users can create folders and file their conversations into them. Independent folders per conversation recipient Conversation counts displayed next to folder name Move conversations to folders using the...
  5. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [Liam W.] Custom Editor Colors 2.1.0

    Description : Customise the colors displayed on the color grid of the message editor in XenForo. This add-on is under the MIT license. Feature summary : Options : //TODO Branding : This add-on does not include branding. Installation : Download and unzip it. Copy the...
  6. Admin

    xF2 Add-on [Liam W.] Thread Solutions 2.5.0

    This add-on allows your users to mark a thread as 'solved' by choosing a post as a solution. These posts are given markup, to make them more obvious, and a link at the top of the thread allows the user to be taken directly to the solution. Multiple solutions per thread are allowed, allowing...