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App Windows Adobe Audition 2020 RePack by KpoJIuK


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May 21, 2019
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The program for working with audio data Adobe Audition is a professional tool for professionals who work in the field of audio and video production, offering them almost unlimited possibilities. Ease of use is perfectly combined with the flexibility of work, allowing you to create master copies of the highest class, edit, mix, process, impose a variety of sound special effects. In fact, the user gets on his computer a full-fledged powerful recording studio with easy-to-use and, at the same time, fairly professional tools.

The product offers users the following features:
Create high-quality audio products - Adobe Audition supports files with a digitization depth of up to 32-bit and a sampling frequency of more than 192 kHz, and recording on any media (including magnetic tape, CD, DVD or DVD-Audio discs). All processing is performed in 32-bit resolution, which allows to achieve highly professional results.
Get the most out of your work - Adobe Audition will provide you with all the tools you need for fast and efficient work. A convenient interface will allow you to perform the necessary operations as soon as possible, and floating work panels will provide quick setup of the workspace taking into account your personal preferences.
Use integrated tools - Adobe Audition offers a complete solution for editing and mixing audio files. Built-in viewing modes (multi-track and intended for editing), real-time special effects, support for loops, analysis tools, recovery function and video support will provide you with unlimited possibilities in the field of processing audio files.
Powerful tools based on DSP technology - Use more than 45 effects based on DSP technology, tools for creating master copies, analytical tools, as well as the function of restoring audio files.
Creating soundtracks for movies - Edit, mix and add effects to soundtracks in AVI format while watching a video sequence.
Expanded support for various audio formats - Work with audio files in all common formats (including WAV, AIFF, MP3, mp3PRO and WMA).
Intuitive user interface - Thanks to a convenient and intuitive interface, you can get to work immediately without spending extra time on training.

Features RePack
Assembly information
1. Two-click installation, you only need to disconnect the Internet connection (manually or automatically)
2. The Creative Cloud application does not litter the system - it requires a minimum of
3. The original installer is used, problems with other products are excluded
Switching between Russian and English is done by the files! RUS.VBS and! ENG.VBS in the program folder

Command-line options:
-S or -S1 - hide the window with progress unpacking temporary files
-S2 - by show the window with the progress of unpacking temporary files
-S or -S1or -S2 - required parameter

/ XPATH = "PATH" - indicate the installation location. Default: C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \
Please note that due to the features of the official installer, "Adobe Audition CC 2019" will be added to the selected path, so in most cases, select C: \ Program Files \ Adobe

/ XDISABLENET = 1 - disconnect the Internet connection for ~ 10 seconds to start the installation

/ XVCR - install the Visual C ++ Redistributable Package (necessary for the program to work)

Example: INSTALL.EXE -S / XPATH = "C: \ Program Files \ Adobe" / XDISABLENET = 1 / XVCR

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