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App Windows Autodesk VRED Design 2020


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Apr 20, 2018
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Autodesk VRED Design 2020 | 2.3 Gb
Autodesk Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of VRED Design 2020, is an innovative software solution for interactive design reviews.

Equipped with a variety of features, this software enables users to evaluate and present their design ideas. Design experts can ground difficult decisions regarding the look & feel of their model at an early stage in the development process.
What's New in VRED Products 2020:
What's New
Here are the new features and enhancements found in VRED 2020 products:
- Rounded edges shader effect: Simulate a smooth edge between adjoining faces with this effect.
- Import additional CATIA Axis Systems with new Import Files option: Import additional Axis Systems from CATIA by enabling the Import Coordinate Systems import option or preference. VRED will create a transformation group with a coordinate cross for a better representation in the viewport.
- Cryptomatte: Added Cryptomatte support for creating masks during the rendering post-process.
- Web Shops: Log into a store, find a substance or environment backplate, then purchase and import the content into VRED. When the Substance Web Shop dialog is closed, you are still temporarily logged into the store.
- Web Shops Preference: Set the online store download path for the Substance Source Store.
- Perspective Camera Matching: Match the camera focal length and rotation matrix parameters to a backplate to integrate your model into the scene.
- Improved Python functionality for constraints: Use vrConstraintService, as well as vrdConstraintNode, when working with constraints via Python.
- Export file type settings: Set the export render file type in Render Settings > File Output > Image.
- Shotgun for VRED: Support for Shotgun integration to manage digital assets, the review process, and teams involved with the creation of assets and more. The Shotgun Engine for VRED creates a bridge between the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit apps and VRED.
Autodesk VRED 2020 on NVIDIA RTX Server with 8x Quadro RTX 8000
A single NVIDIA RTX SERVER equipped with 8 NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 can replace 32 dual XEON 24 core servers, in real time rendering and visualizing a car model, with accelerated ray-tracing and AI denoiser! Quadro RTX GTC 19.

About Autodesk VRED Design. Autodesk VRED Design software, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, is an interactive design exploration and presentation tool for digital modelers and visualization teams in the automotive industry. Design decisions in car manufacturing have to be made at a very early stage, as they significantly influence the production process. VRED Design enables users to create compelling imagery and animations for exploring, presenting, and communicating design ideas for efficient decision making and for further general communications. Teams can benefit from real-time design reviews, interactive aspects for design selection, and tools for exploring alternatives (material variations, shape, look, etc.).
Absolute beginners tutorial for Autodesk Vred, start from scratch to create a 4K ray trace render of a jet engine. Model files included, everything covered from start to finish.

About Autodesk. Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone-from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists-uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.
Product: Autodesk VRED Design
Version: 2020
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
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Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even SP1 or newer
Size: 2.3 Gb

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