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Apr 20, 2018
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Chemstations CHEMCAD Suite 7.1.5 | 192.3 mb
Chemstations, Inc. has unveiled CHEMCAD Suite 7.1.5 a powerful and effective software tool for chemical process simulation.

Version (July 31, 2018) - Release Notes:
chemcad new features and enhancements
- Created a new Orifice UnitOp, which is distinct from the Pipe UnitOp (6562)
- Improved the user interface for the Billet & Schultes method for packed column mass transfer (2019, 2721, 2893)
- Added a fully customizable Title Block feature, which improves on the Job Box tool from CHEMCAD 6 by placing a formatted "revision box" with editable text prompts on the flowsheet (5874)
- Added the option to Description partial pressures to the TPXY Description feature (6067)
- Updated the Hydrocarbon Correlation dialog to show three methods for the ASTM D86-TBP Interconversion Methods section: Chemstations, API 3A1.1 (1982), and API 3A1.1 (1994) (4377/6537)
- Added a Boolean comparison function for feed-forward controllers (6415)
- Added a help topic for packed column mass transfer (4256)
- Improved performance curve interpolation for the Compressor and Expander UnitOps (6350, 6376)
- Added the capability to generate the formula for a newly added component from its subgroup information (6004)
- Added F-Factor calculation to column sizing and tray property reports (6028)
- Added the capability for a feed-forward controller to run as a scheduling UnitOp, similar to a RAMP (6344)
- Improved calculation speed for some dynamic flow networks (6375)
- Upgraded to version 7.6.9 of Sentinel Protection Installer (6384)
- Changed the name of the "Regular VLE mode" column simulation option to "Equilibrium model" (6511)
- Updated the COM interface to make the SAFT and VTPR parameters accessible with the GetData/PutData functions (5780)
- Corrected an issue with the display of values in the SCDS Mass Transfer dialog (5346)
- Corrected calculation issues with relief device hemispherical heads (6458)
- Corrected the calculation of partial liquid level for hemispherical heads on dynamic vessels (6508)
- Corrected an issue with specification of Overall U in the Heat Transfer tab of the PIPE UnitOp specification dialog (3090)
- Corrected an issue where vapor Z factor was not reported correctly in Excel for local thermodynamics (5956, 6466)
- Corrected an issue that could cause the flowsheet canvas size to change when a simulation file was re-opened (6007)
- Corrected an issue with the pressure calculation for VLLE in dynamic vessels under certain conditions (6334)
- Corrected an issue with pipe orifice handling of choked flow in node networks (6359)
- Corrected an issue with input checking for the Compressor and Expander UnitOps (6369)
- Corrected the list of Expander UnitOp variables accessible for use with the Data Map, Sensitivity Study, and Optimization features (6371)
- Revised the tube-side pressure drop equation used in CC-THERM for SMXL Koch-Glitsch turbulator (6456)
- Corrected an issue with calculation of cricondentherm and cricondenbar values for immiscible water/hydrocarbon systems (6464)
- Corrected a minor issue with the Billet and Schultes method affecting load limits (6465)
- Corrected an issue in CHEMCAD's optimization feature where a twelfth constraint, if entered, was ignored (6509)
- Corrected a minor calculation error in HTU for Billet and Schultes and Raschig mass transfer models (6523)
- Corrected an issue with vapor phase correction in the Hayden O'Connell model, which in some cases led to incorrect calculation of the BIP parameter eta_ij (6534)
- Corrected an issue where the PIPE UnitOp incorrectly calculated bore size for an orifice with two-phase flow (6611)

About CHEMCAD. Broadening the capabilities of chemical engineers everywhere with enhanced process simulation software, CHEMCAD is designed to help you drive productivity, accomplish day-to-day tasks, and tackle the toughest chemical process models. CHEMCAD is flexible enough to handle virtually any challenge that comes your way.
CHEMCAD is an integrated suite of intuitive chemical process simulation software that fits into the chemical engineering workflow and supercharges an engineer's efficiency. Perhaps most significantly, it continues to evolve to meet the ever-expanding needs of chemical engineers.
The CHEMCAD suite includes six products that can be purchased individually or bundled as needed to accommodate specific industries, projects, and processes.
This video provides a high-level tour of our powerful software suite and its capabilities.

About Chemstations, Inc. Chemstations, Inc. is a worldwide leader in process simulation software, supplying the process industries and associated fields. Chemstations offers the CHEMCAD suite, several individually licensed and tightly integrated technologies, to increase the productivity and profitability of the chemical engineer's tasks. CHEMCAD is actively used by more than 800 organizations around the world.
Product: Chemstations CHEMCAD Suite
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :
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Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista or newer
Size: 192.3 mb

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