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App Windows ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle Forensic Edition 2019


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Jul 31, 2018
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Language : Multilanguage / Russian (not in all programs) | File Size : 1.68 GB

Elcomsoft Password Recovery Bundle is the Elcomsoft software package for removing password protection with the maximum number of supported data formats, protection systems and encryption algorithms. The kit includes all the company's password recovery products.

Elcomsoft Password Recovery Bundle is a comprehensive solution that allows you to access encrypted files and system resources. The product includes a full range of Elcomsoft software. Access to encrypted documents and resources can be restored by resetting, replacing, quickly recovering or picking original passwords. ElcomSoft products are based on the most up-to-date scientific developments and claim primacy both in the area of program code performance and in price-quality ratio.

Composition ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle 2019:
• the Advanced ElcomSoft the Password the Archive of Recovery 4.54.110
• the Advanced ElcomSoft the EFS the Data of Recovery Pro
• the Advanced ElcomSoft the IM the Password of Recovery 4.90.1805
• ElcomSoft the Advanced of Intuit the Password of Recovery 2.0 We do
• the Advanced ElcomSoft the Lotus the Password of Recovery 2.11
• the Advanced Mailbox cmdlet the Password ElcomSoft of Recovery 1.11.476
• ElcomSoft the Advanced of Office the Password Breaker Enterprise Edition 3.05.802
• the Advanced ElcomSoft the Password of Office of Recovery Pro 6.34.1889
• the Advanced ElcomSoft a PDF the Password of Recovery Enterprise 5.08.145
• ElcomSoft the Advanced of Sage the Password of Recovery 2.30.383
• ElcomSoft Advanced SQL Password Recovery 1.13.1786
• ElcomSoft Advanced VBA Password Recovery 1.63
• ElcomSoft Advanced WordPerfect Office Password Recovery 1.35
• ElcomSoft Cloud eXplorer ECX Forensic 2.11.28407 Full
• ElcomSoft Dictionaries 1.0.1110
• ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery 4.10.1236
• ElcomSoft Explorer for WhatsApp Standard 2.60.30943
• ElcomSoft Forensic Disk Decryptor Common 2.10.567
• ElcomSoft Internet Password Breaker Standard Edition 3.10.4770
• ElcomSoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 5.0
• ElcomSoft Lightning Hash Cracker 0.60
• ElcomSoft Password Digger Standard 1.04.147
• ElcomSoft Phone Breaker 8.30
• ElcomSoft Phone Breaker 9.05.31064 Forensic Edition windows
ElcomSoft Phone the Password • Breaker Professional 3.00.106
• ElcomSoft Phone Forensic Viewer 4.40.31234
• Proactive ElcomSoft the Password Auditor-2/7/61
• Proactive ElcomSoft the System the Password of Recovery 6.60.568
• ElcomSoft the System of Recovery 5.60.389 BootISO
• ElcomSoft the Wireless Security Auditor-Pro 7.12. 538

all versions of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, NFS Encrypted File System, Windows and macOS passwords, macOS Keychain, ZIP / RAR / RAR5, PDF, BitLocker / PGP / TrueCrypt and many others. Instant removal of protection for a number of formats. Retrieving passwords from messaging programs, email clients and browsers. Support over 500 formats.

Information About Program:
• ElcomSoft Advanced Archive Password Recovery - recovers access to encrypted archives, removing password protection or restoring original text passwords. ZIP and RAR archives created using any archiving software are supported, as well as self-extracting EXE files created by PKZip, WinZip, RAR and WinRAR. In some cases (in particular, when using WinZip archivers version 8.0 and earlier), protection is guaranteed within an hour.

• ElcomSoft Advanced EFS Data Recovery- recovers encrypted data that has become inaccessible due to administration errors. Examples of such errors are: deletion of user accounts, the absence of recovery agents (Data Recovery Agents) or their incorrect configuration, incorrect transfer of accounts to another domain, and transfer of disks with encrypted data between computers. Advanced EFS Data Recovery recovers encrypted files and folders and works in all versions of Windows.

• ElcomSoft Advanced Instant Messengers (IM) Password Recovery- completely restores the login and password to the accounts in various communicators (instant messaging programs). Currently, more than 70 different programs are supported. Thus, Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery is the most versatile product in its class. If several instant messengers are installed on the computer, then Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery will recover passwords to the records created in all programs. Supports: over 70 instant messaging programs, including ICQ and ICQLite, AOL Instant Messenger, AIM Triton, AIM Pro, Yahoo! Messenger, Excite Messenger, MSN Messenger, etc.

• ElcomSoft Advanced Intuit Password Recovery- restore original passwords to Quicken 2006-2019 documents and instantly remove passwords that protect files created in QuickBooks 2006-2019 programs, including localized versions. Advanced Intuit Password Recovery removes protection from Intuit Quicken .QDF and QuickBooks .QBW files. Advanced Intuit Password Recovery provides quick recovery of passwords for Quicken documents and instant removal of passwords for QuickBooks documents. The use of accelerators based on AMD and NVIDIA consumer video cards allows for speeding over a million passwords per second for Quicken 2006-2019 documents.

• ElcomSoft Advanced Lotus Password Recovery- fully recovers passwords for all documents created in programs from the Lotus SmartSuite package. It does not apply long-term attacks and does not require complex settings. Just run Advanced Lotus Password Recovery and click on the "Open" button to instantly get a password!

• ElcomSoft Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery - completely recovers usernames and passwords saved on the user's computer and email profiles of the most popular email programs. Using the built-in POP3 and IMAP server emulator, Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery can recover a password for an email account and a mail server used in absolutely any mail program.

• ElcomSoft Advanced Office Password Breaker- allows you to remove protection from documents whose format is compatible with Word or Excel 97-2000. Document protection Word and Excel is very resistant and not always forgotten password can be found instantly. To do this, you can use a dictionary attack, brute force and other methods. However, if the password is rather complicated, its recovery can turn into many months of waiting. However, if document protection is compatible with Microsoft Office 97 - we offer a solution that will allow you to guarantee opening a document for a short period of time. This type of document security is vulnerable because it uses a 40-bit encryption key.

• ElcomSoft Advanced Office Password Recovery- allows you to recover passwords or bypass password protection for files and documents created in the Microsoft Office family of all versions from 2.0 to 2019 inclusive. The program supports documents created by Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Project, Money, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher, as well as OneNote. In addition to the above, the program allows you to access the source code of VBA macros protected by a password.

• ElcomSoft Advanced PDF Password Recovery- allows you to instantly remove password protection and recover many types of passwords for documents created both with the help of Adobe Acrobat of all versions, and third-party applications. With the help of the program, you can instantly remove restrictions on printing, editing and copying PDF files in cases when the "password for opening" is not set or known.

• ElcomSoft Advanced SQL Password Recovery - guaranteed to restore access to password-protected Microsoft SQL Server databases. Instantly reset or change any password of a user or database administrator in Microsoft SQL Server format. Supports: Microsoft SQL Server all versions, master.md.

• ElcomSoft Advanced Sage Password Recovery- this is instant access to ACT protected documents! Replacing and restoring passwords for BLB, MUD and ADF / PAD documents created with the ACT! Remote operation does not require the ACT! on the computer. Supported by: ACT! Premium Version, Sage PeachTree Accounting in Pro, Complete, Premium and Quantum editions; Peachtree 50 Accounting; Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 Accounting and Sage 50 Complete Accounting; Sage Instant Accounts, Sage Simply Accounting.

• ElcomSoft Advanced VBA Password Recovery- a program designed to recover forgotten passwords for VBA macros. If the password (due to technological limitations) cannot be recovered, the Advanced VBA Password Recovery program allows you to change or delete it. The found password gives access to the source code of the VBA macros.

• ElcomSoft Advanced WordPerfect Office Password Recovery - instantly recover passwords to Corel WordPerfect Office documents. Extract passwords from WordPerfect, Quattro Pro and Paradox in just a few seconds. Supports: Corel WordPerfect Office, WordPerfect (.wp, .wpd), QuattroPro (.qpw, .wb ?, .wq?), Paradox (.db), Corel WordPerfect Lightning accounts.

• Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer- A handy tool for downloading, viewing and analyzing data available in your Google Account user account. The product will help you access data such as user contacts and their social circle, search history, Google Keep notes, Hangouts messages, browsing history and synchronized bookmarks of the Chrome browser, as well as data about the user's location and stored in the Google Photos cloud Photo.

• Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery- high-performance solution for recovering passwords to various file types (list of supported formats). The program is built on the principle of "client-server" and allows you to use for searching passwords all available computers. Supports: all versions of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, ZIP / 7zip / RAR / RAR5, PDF, BitLocker / PGP / TrueCrypt. The total number of supported formats is over 300.

• Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp (EXWA)- A handy tool for extracting, viewing and analyzing user correspondence in WhatsApp applications for Android and iOS and WhatsApp Business for Android. These applications can be extracted from local (iTunes) and iOS cloud (iCloud) backups, as well as directly from Android phones. In addition, it supports the extraction of standalone backup WhatsApp, created by smartphones running Android in the "cloud" storage Google Drive and iCloud Drive.

• Elcomsoft Forensic Disk Decryptoris the instant decryption or mounting of BitLocker, FileVault 2, PGP, TrueCrypt, and VeraCrypt crypto containers using passwords, escrow keys, and encryption keys extracted from the RAM image, paging file, or hibernation. Supports: BitLocker, BitLocker To Go, FileVault 2, PGP, TrueCrypt, and VeraCrypt in encrypted volume and full disk encryption modes; BitLocker XTS-AES from the November 10 update of Windows 10 (build 1511); BitLocker volumes protected by a TPM module.

• Elcomsoft Internet Password Breaker- tool for instant extraction of various passwords stored on the user's computer. Retrieves account information and text passwords for sites, social networks, accounts and mailboxes. Passwords saved in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge browsers, Opera and Yandex Browser, AutoComplete forms, as well as passwords and personal data from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail from Windows 10, Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird are extracted.

• Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit- A specialized tool for extracting data from devices running Apple iOS using physical and logical analysis methods. Supports: all generations of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with and without jailbreak; retrieves a keychain keychain from jailbreak devices.

• Elcomsoft Lightning Hash Cracker - a program to quickly recover passwords from MD5 hashes. Lightning Hash Cracker uses the power of NVIDIA graphics accelerators (GeForce 8,9,200) for work, which allows you to increase the password recovery speed tenfold. If the system has multiple graphics accelerators installed, Lightning Hash Cracker can work with one to choose from or use them all for faster recovery.

• Elcomsoft Password Digger- A tool for computer security and forensic experts to decrypt the contents of a keychain secure repository from Mac OS X. All user and system passwords are retrieved and decrypted from the secure repository. The result is saved as an XML file for later analysis. The list of passwords is additionally saved as a simple text file, which is a ready-made dictionary for use with products of the Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery class in order to speed up the search of passwords for encrypted files and documents.

• Elcomsoft Phone Breaker- a universal tool for extracting data from backup copies and cloud storage of mobile devices running iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. The tool allows law enforcement experts to access password-protected backup copies or download data from cloud storage. The utility supports all BlackBerry smartphones up to BlackBerry 10 and all portable devices on the Apple iOS platform, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch of all generations and versions up to X / Xr / Xs.

• Elcomsoft Phone Viewer- Offers a convenient interface for viewing information extracted from local and "cloud" backups of devices running Apple iOS, BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and Windows Mobile 10. With it, you can view user contacts, read messages, view the list of calls , data notes and calendar, analyze user actions on the Internet. When working with backup copies of these devices running Apple iOS, you can view deleted messages - SMS and iMessage using Elcomsoft Phone Viewer.

• Elcomsoft Proactive Password Auditor- Helps administrators verify the security of local area networks by auditing user passwords. By identifying insecure passwords, Proactive Password Auditor shows how vulnerable a network is if attackers perform attacks. Supports: account passwords, network passwords, brute force, dictionary attack, hash table attack, attack from inside and outside the network.

• Elcomsoft Proactive System Password Recovery- used to recover many types of passwords and view hidden information Windows. Retrieve Wi-Fi keys (WEP and WPA-PSK), VPN, RAS, dial-up passwords, passwords for network resources, connections and RDP. Supports: automatic login passwords, Windows user passwords, WEP and WPA-PSK encryption keys, saved user passwords, VPN, RDP, RAS, passwords to network connections and resources.

• Elcomsoft System Recovery (BootISO) - helps in restoring access to Windows accounts, including local, network and Microsoft Account accounts. Supports reset and recovery of original passwords.

• Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditorallows you to check the security of the corporate Wi-Fi network, its resistance to external and insider attacks, analyze the workload of wireless networks and identify busy channels. Built-in wireless traffic interceptor and analyzer and hardware acceleration technology using the computational capabilities of modern video cards make it possible to simulate an attack on a wireless network while trying to recover a WPA / WPA2-PSK password. Attempting to crack a password to a Wi-Fi network for a given time period will help determine the degree of resistance of the wireless network environment to external attacks.

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