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Jul 31, 2018
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Macro Express is the premier Windows macro utility. With Macro Express, you can record, edit and play back mouse and keyboard macros. Its powerful tools and robust features will make you more productive. A macro is a series of written instructions or recorded keystrokes and mouse actions. With a single keystroke, play back these activities at a much faster speed than can be performed manually. Eliminate wasted time and the risk of error that typically occur when performing repetitive tasks.

Creating a Macro
Macro Express contains hundreds of commands to automate practically any function on your computer. Just press a key and let the macro do all the repetitive work for you.
There are several methods available for creating macros. No programming language or skills required.
Over two dozen Quick Wizards guide you through a series of questions and build the macro for you.
Record keystrokes and mouse movements with the easy to use Capture process.
Utilize the Scripting Editor or Direct Editor to write more powerful macros.

Running a Macro
Macro Express provides a number of methods for executing macros. These include the use of Hot Keys, Shortkeys, Scheduled Macros, Window Activation, Mouse Clicks, Popup/Floating Menus and others.

Restricting Playback
Use the macro scope properties to define when a macro will run or not. Assign macros to run in all Windows programs (Global), in only one specific window (Window Specific) or program (Program Specific), or in every program except the one you define (Global Except).

Macro Files
Macro Express allows you to create multiple macro files. When first installing the program, two macro files, samples.mex (a set of sample macros) and macex.mex (which you can use to create and store macros), are installed.
Macro Express Pro allows you to load two or more macro files for simultaneous use. For example, utilize one set of standardized macros developed and maintained by your company or department while employing a second macro file created specifically for individual usage.

What's new:
- Added Variable Set String from List command.
- Added these new commands: Close Optical Disk Tray, Eject Optical Disk, Restart Computer, Sign Out Computer, Sleep Computer, HTTP Get.
- The System Macro "Menu of Macros for Topmost Window" now displays the Nickname of the macros instead of the first part of the macro.
- Floating menu and Popup menu macros with the Menu Style of "First Part of Macro" or "Nickname and Scope" are now wider.
- Added the option 'Show Activation details', that displays more activation information in the list of macros, to Options, Preferences, Appearance, Explorer.
- Can now halt a macro that is spending too much time processing the content of a variable.
- The Variable Set String from Prompt dialog can now be resized when a macro is running.
- Deprecated several commands that may be infrequently used, use out of date terminology, or are no longer supported by newer versions of Windows.
- Added 'Show deprecated commands' option to display deprecated commands.
- Renamed several System commands to more closely match their function in Windows.
- Adjusted the mouse activation messages displayed in Script Editor and Macro Explorer when more than one mouse button is selected in the activation.
- Information about errors in Variable Modify Decimal command are now logged.
- The Favorites and Snippets are now imported to Macro Express Pro 6 if they were set in Macro Express Pro 4 when Macro Express Pro 6 is installed for the first time.
- The 'Variable Modify String: Save to File' and 'Variable Modify String: Append to Text File' commands no longer offer integer or decimal variable types.
- Fixed an issue where the details for System Event activated macros were not always displayed.
- Fixed an issue where the CD-ROM commands could not find the optical drives.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash in the Split String command if the Array Variable did not have the correct syntax. [ISS20664]
- Fixed a problem where .mxe files / playable macros will not launch properly if another version of Macro Express has been installed and later uninstalled.
- Fixed a problem where mouse activated macros would sometimes stop activating.
- Fixed a problem with Mouse Event macro activations that would not allow an activation when more than one mouse button was selected for activation.
- Fixed a problem where a Mouse Activated macro could contain invalid information for the "Specific part of a window".

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