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Apr 20, 2018
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Merrick MARS 2019.1 | 742.5 mb
Merrick & Company, a global leader in light detection and ranging (LiDAR), digital orthophotography, hyperspectral imaging, and geographic information systems (GIS) data integration, is pleased to announce the release of Version 2019.1 of the Merrick Advanced Remote Sensing (MARS) software suite.

MARS 2019.1 Release Notes - Revised: March 5, 2019 (Builds 8399.91-8402.00):


- QC Module tests for CRS compatibility between LAS and shapefile inputs
Most tools in the QC Module drop-down list now check for Coordinate Reference System compatibility between the input LAS files and any shapefiles (such as tiles and boundary layouts). Mis-matches that previously caused crashes will now produce a warning message giving the option to continue (with the possibility of incomplete or inaccurate results) or halt processing.
- QC Module allowsfor pre-existing BPA boundary input
Both the 'USGS NGP -Version 1.3' and the 'USGS NGP -Version 1.2' drop-downs in the QC Module now allow a pre-existing BPA (Buffered Project Area) boundary shapefile to be pathed outon the 'Input' tab, superseding the auto-generated one that is used for test C-1 in 'Version 1.3', and tests C-1 and DPH-10 in 'Version 1.2'.
- 'GeoTranslate' tool has been removed from the 'Coordinate Conversion' tab
The 'GeoTranslate' tool that converted various vector formats (e.g., AutoCAD DXF, Esri shapefile, and MicroStation DGN) from one horizontal coordinate reference system to another has been removed fromMARS. The tool is no longer being maintained and updated by our third-party supplier and has too many limitations to be of value to users.
- Overlap Consistency testing in the QC Module has an additional option
Test DPH-9.1 [Overlap Consistency (interswath)] in the 'USGS NGP -Version 1.3' drop-down of the QC Module now has an option to test data in the overlap areas based on classification, rather than only by clusters of single returns.The single return clustering method will remain the default for this test.The most likely scenario for thenew option is to limit test areas to Class 2 (Ground) points, which is the default when this option is chosen.
- Check Point Report search radius increased
The Search Radius used by the 'Check Point Report' has been increased to five times (5x) the calculated GSD of the loaded lidar data.This allows more check points to have a TIN triangle generated to cover them -resulting in more accurate testing -without a noticeable increase in processing time.The increased radius is also used in the 'Absolute Vertical Accuracy' testing in both the 'USGS NGP -Version 1.3' and 'USGS NGP -Version 1.2' drop-downs in the QC Module.
- All Point Source IDs for Lidar files stored in EVLR
An Extended Variable Length Record (EVLR) will now store all Point Source IDs (PSIDs) that are present in LAS files.This ensures that all functionality that is based on collection scan numbering (PSIDs) such as the Export layout type 'By Collection Scan' and some QC Module testing will include all collection scans that exist in a dataset, regardless of whether those collection scan numbers are included in the thinned points records. To check for the existence of this new EVLR, load an LAS file, right-click on it in the Table of Contents, and select 'Properties'.On the properties window that appears, click the 'EVLRs' button to display all EVLRs for that file. If present, the new EVLR will be near the top of the list, displayed as 'Merrick -Merrick Scan Collections -1000 -' where is the size in bytes of the record. New LAS files created in this version of MARS®will have the EVLR. To add it to older files, run the 'Add Spatial Index' tool on the 'Project/Data Preparation' tab with the 'Fast Remove Index' option followed by the 'Add Spatial Index' option.
- WKT tags can be edited in three MARS tools
Three tools -'Add Spatial Index', 'Export', and 'Add CRS Info' -now allow both the Horizontal and Vertical WKT tagsfor LAS filesto be manually editedafter the coordinate reference systems have been selected. Editing can be done directly in the WKT (Horizontal) and WKT (Vertical)sectionsof the 'CRS Info (Projection Definition) Written As WKT' interface when using the 'Add Spatial Index' and 'Add CRS Info' tools, and in those same sections of the 'Projection' tab when using 'Export'.NOTEthat Merrick does not recommend manual editing of WKT tags-doing so is solely at the user's own risk. Any edits may render the coordinate reference system information unreadable to some MARS®tools and to other software packages.

List of Bug Fixes:

- Bug fixed causing empty LAS files to be output from the 'Quick Classifications' filtering tool when certain XY coordinate values existed at the tile extents.
- Bug fixed in the 'Text File Format' of the 'Convert' tool that would not allow 'User Data' tobe mapped as a field.
- Bug fixed in 'Grid -TIFF' Elevation raster export that created artifacts in hydro-flattened water features.
- Bug fixed in 'Grid -Float Grid' export causing a vertical stripe to appear when viewed in 'Hillshade' mode.
- Bug fixed in 'Hillshade -JPEG 2000' raster export causing a vertical stripe to appear with certain export settings.
- Bug fixed in 'Grid -TIFF' Elevation raster export causing a crash when loaded breaklines were part of a multi-part polygon shapefile (e.g., with islands in water bodies).
- Bug fixed in both the LBS 1.3 and 1.2 QC Modules when running the Check Point tests with a multi-part polygon project boundary.
- Bug fixed causing the 'Overview' window to crash when clearing overlap bit flags in the 'Change Bit Flags Filter' using the 'Filter Region' method of point selection.
- Bug fixed causing thinned points with overlap bit flags to still be set to 'On'after clearing overlap bit flags in the 'Change Bit Flags Filter' using the 'Filter Digitized Polygon' method of point selection.
- Bug fixed causing thinned points with synthetic bit flags to still be set to 'On' after clearing synthetic bit flags using the 'Clear Bit Flags' tool.
- Typofixed in the descriptive text of the Summary Table in test C-4.2 of the QC Module LBS 1.3 final reports. The correct wording for row 7 of the table is "Grid Based Test: Grid Cell = 1m x 1m, Required PPSM Tested Excluding Overlap Bit Flagged Points".
- Bug fixed causing a crash in the Check Point report when trying to save to a file after manually changing the search radius.
- Bug fixed causing 'GeoCalc' tool to fail to perform valid vertical conversions between NAVD88 and NGVD29 datums, and between Ellipsoidal and Orthometric heights for data in Alaska.
- Bug fixed causing a crash in the 'USGS NGP -Version 1.3' and 'USGS NGP -Version 1.2' drop-downs of the QC Module when running test DPH-14 on its own with a tile scheme pathed out.
- Bug fixed causing the 'Folder to process' option of the 'Return Info' tool to fail to produce any output.
- Bug fixed in applying the custom XML file settings in future sessions when using the 'Make Colors Default' button on the 'Edit Collection Scan Display' interface.
- Bug fixed resulting in no output when exporting as 'Contours -Shapefile' using either the Selected Tile(s) or Export Area methods.

About Merrick MARS. Merrick's Advanced Remote Sensing (MARS) software was developed to support our airborne data acquisition. MARS is a powerful stand-alone Windows application designed to visualize, manage, process, and analyze LiDAR point cloud data. It is functional and accessible for both new users and experienced data production professionals and its performance and stability are exceptional.

About Merrick & Company. Merrick & Company, an engineering, architecture, and geospatial solutions firm, serves domestic and international clients in the energy and chemicals, national security, life sciences, and infrastructure markets. The employee-owned company maintains 20 offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

Product: Merrick MARS
Version: 2019.1
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
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Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 742.5 mb

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