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App Windows Missler Topsolid v7.14 x64


Jan 5, 2020
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Missler Topsolid V7.14 (x64) | 8.87 GB


TopSolid is a fully integrated mechanical CAD/CAM solution which enables design and manufacturing data to be linked in a given environment for very diverse fields of mechanical engineering: machinery, plastic parts, tooling, sheet metal work, general mechanic design, etc.

TopSolid is designed for all manufacturers and subcontractors that need to do major design work related to manufacturing, and to simulate and control part production very precisely. Specific solutions have been developed to meet the particular requirement of the specialised industries

3D CAD/CAM software has been around for many years now and its estimated that over half of the design and manufacturing done around the world today is completed using some form of 3D electronic data. So what are the real advantages of using a 3D system.

There are many hundreds of individual "feature" based advantages, however the overall benefit of 3D parametric solid modelling is the greatly increased productivity and versatility of the entire product development process. As a result of this single powerful tool, the user becomes more competitive by being able to respond quickly to clients demands which in turn speeds up the time to market. Quality is enhanced thus providing greater customer satisfaction and therefore increasing sales.

Missler Software launched TopSolid 7, the 7th generation of its CAD/CAM solution in October 2009. At the time the French software developer spoke of the necessity for any software developer to rethink and create new software solutions so that its customers can avail of the most-up-to date technology to answer increasingly complex production needs.

TopSolid 7 integrates computer-aided design and manufacturing, finite element analysis, product data management, and enterprise resource planning in a single software solution, which allows engineering and production departments to communicate and work together in a controlled and secure environment. This helps eliminate the risk of potential errors because design and machining data are compatible and are managed and monitored transparently.

TopSolid 7 uses multicore technology so the virtual design of assemblies made up of several thousand parts is now possible with acceptable response times.

TopSolid version 7 will continue to be developed and supported over the coming years. The migration and compatibility between the two generations of TopSolid is guaranteed, but TopSolid 7 does not yet offer the industry solutions or CAM capabilities of its predecessor.

Supported operating systems

Windows 7 64-bit*
Windows 8.1*
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit*

WinRT and Windows 10 S are not supported.

*Windows (7 or 8.1 or 10) Home version is not supported.

Intel-i7 Processor or AMD equivalent (TopSolid 7 is not compatible with AMD Athlon 32-bit processors only)
nVidia GeForce & Quadro Series with 1 Gb RAM
Graphic resolution Full HD 1920x1080
1 Tb hard disk with 100 Gb permanent free space


Intel-i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz (TopSolid has been fully optimized for Intel CPU's)
NVIDIA Quadro P2000

Graphic cards

TopSolid 7 has been optimized for the use of the latest graphics accelerators:

nVidia GeForce & Quadro
AMD Radeon Pro


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