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App Windows Programming Multi Timer 6.5.0


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May 21, 2019
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Multi r is a powerful desktop r program for Windows.​

You can add as many rs to the window as you like and create copies of existing rs. All rs show up in the list view on the bottom, which can also serve as an operating interface via the context menu, to control the rs. The list shows start , stop and total and can be exported to an Excel file. rs can be undocked and placed anywhere on the desktop, in any size. rs can work in three modes: Stopwatch, Countdown and Alarmclock (single event or recurrent). They can pause and continue and they can even keep counting the while the program is inactive.

Virtually unlimited number of resizable rs in a flow layout interface or single, free floating

Different colors and icons for the rs, to keep them apart or create groups and many options to change the design of the rs and the display

Drag and Drop support - rs can be moved and rearranged within the array by drag & drop

Control the rs from a connected, sortable list and export it to Excel spread sheet

The list can be used to control the rs (via context menu) single or in groups

r states are saved and they can be paused and resumed later

Optional Resume on Startup and Run during Shutdown

Cloning function: create up to 9 clones (identical copies) of any r

Solid / gradient color or background image for the window background

rs can be started, stopped and reset single / all rs / a selected group

Global hotkeys to start / stop / reset rs and to hide / show the program window

Export / Import function to save and restore or to transfer r configurations

Settings file in XML format, easily readable and editable by humans

Eternal event list of all stopwatch rs, until deleted

rs have a title text plus an optional unlimited notes text

Fly-in banner notification and sound signal on alarm - plays any sound file (mp3, wma or wav) or speak the r title

Dark or Light interface color scheme

E-Mail notifications for each event (Start / Stop / Finished / Reset)

Internal accuracy of 1 microsecond, for saved data: 1 millisecond, display accuracy: 1 second or 1/10 seconds

Runs on Windows 10 / 8 / 7

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