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Apr 20, 2018
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SampleHero The Cabaret Piano KONTAKT | 2.63 Gb
Over 1 year in the making... It's clunky, knocky, noisy, some hammers are worn-out, it's old, smelly and yet it's still imperfectly perfect! If you are looking for an incredibly realistic sounding virtual piano with an unmatched amount of vibe & character... then look no further than, "The Cabaret Piano!" We're pretty sure when you load this virtual instrument, you'll smell the smoky cabaret from whence it cameth.

A Deeply Sampled 1940's Cabaret Piano for Kontakt! When the developers of this library found this old beat-up spinet piano tucked away for sale it quickly caught their eye, and after plunking around on a few keys they knew it had SampleHero written all over it! So they bought it, rented a truck, loaded it up, brought it to the studio, had it tweaked and tuned and then they deeply sampled it (5.75GB), wrote a gazillion lines of code and wrapped it in a custom GUI just for YOU to enjoy!
With access to ambient pianos, criminal pianos, distorted pianos, sweet pianos, somber pianos, broken pianos, out of tune pianos, epic trailer "PING" pianos, sci-fi pianos and crazy SFX pianos.... it's nearly endless what you can do with, "The Cabaret Piano!" This piano has such charm, character and vibe, it's already taken the place of all other virtual pianos in SampleHero's personal templates! They LOVE it and they know you will too! In addition to being superbly sampled "The Cabaret Piano!" is packed to the rafters with amazing features that will allow you to customise it to your exact playing style, including:
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