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App Windows V-Ray Next Build 4.12.01 for MODO 901-13


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Jul 31, 2018
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With V-Ray Next for Modo, we've created a faster and smarter version of your favorite Modo renderer. It's packed with performance boosts, new materials and intelligent tech which can help you develop your ideas quickly and deliver great final results - without jumping through technical hoops. And now you can smoothly transfer assets between Modo and other applications, such as 3ds Max and Maya, so you can add finishing touches in your preferred environment.

Here are the highlights included in this V-Ray Next for Modo official release:

Adaptive Dome Light:
Faster, cleaner and more accurate image-based environment lighting based on V-Ray Scene Intelligence.
Get 2x faster render speeds with the new Adaptive Dome Light for image-based lighting.
The new Adaptive Dome Light also removes the need to set up Portal lights for interiors.

2X Faster GPU Rendering:
Fast new GPU rendering architecture that now supports more high-end production features.
V-Ray GPU Next doubles the GPU rendering performance of V-Ray 3.6.

GPU Volume Rendering:
V-Ray GPU now supports blazing fast rendering of volumetric effects like smoke, fire and fog.

GPU Dispersion:
Now available in V-Ray GPU, render highly accurate light refractions that split into their component colors.

GPU VRscans:
VRscans are now compatible with V-Ray GPU for increased performance and flexibility.

DENOISE Render Elements:
Denoise individual render elements for added control in compositing. Denoised elements seamlessly recompose into a denoised beauty pass.

PHYSICAL Hair Material:
Render more realistic-looking hair with accurate highlights and new glint and glitter controls.

The V-Ray Material adds support for PBR shaders with new Metalness reflection controls.

TOON Shader:
Easily create non-photorealistic, cartoon and cel-shading effects. Now with new options for advanced line control.

NEW Lens Effects:
New glare and bloom lens effects have been fully redesigned to be faster and more accurate.

ROLLING Shutter:
-Emulate the warped motion blur effects common in digital video and cell phone cameras.

ENHANCED Color Corrections:
VFB color corrections (incl. Background and LUT) can be saved with the final render as raw .vrimg or OpenEXR files. LUT strength can also be controlled.

LIGHTING Analysis Tool:
The new Lighting Analysis render element makes it easy to visualize the real-world illumination (Lux) values of any scene.

AI DENOISER IN Viewport ipr:
The NVIDIA AI denoiser is now available for interactive rendering with V-Ray IPR in the viewport.
With the new NVIDIA AI Denoiser, V-Ray delivers instant feedback with less noise. So you get cleaner images while you design.
Windows only !

IMPROVED Lighting Render Elements:
Improved lighting passes provide consistent, artifact-free results that are independent of light sampling as well as better support for the Adaptive Dome Light.

GPU Bucket Rendering:
Faster multi-GPU performance on workstations and distributed rendering, plus added support for Cryptomatte render elements.

System Requirements:

Minimum requirements:
OS:Windows® 7
Only IPv4 is supported, IPv6 is currently not supported
Memory:4 GB RAM
Device:USB 1.0 required for hardware lock
Space:1200 MB Hard Disk Space
CPU:1st Gen Intel® Core™ or compatible processor with SSE4.2 support (x64)

Recommended requirements:
OS:Windows® 8 or higher
Only IPv4 is supported, IPv6 is currently not supported
Memory:16 GB RAM
CPU:Larger cache memory, higher memory bandwidth and more cores are better.
Device:USB 2.0 required for hardware lock
Space:1200 MB Hard Disk Space
cpu:1st Gen Intel® Core™ or compatible processor with SSE4.2 support (x64)

Build 4.12.01 (23.04.2019)

New features:
-Support for the MODO 13 series;
-Atmospherics:Added the new options to the V-Ray Toon atmosphere - inner line control, material edges, depth and angular curves;
-Camera:Added the rolling shutter options to the V-Ray Physical Camera;
-GPU:production rendering inside Modo, enables Light Cache, Animation, Buckets, etc with the V-Ray GPU engine directly inside Modo;
-GPU:Bucket rendering (enables support for the Cryptomatte render element);
-GPU:Faster rendering with Kernel 2;
-GPU:Improved displacement support;
-GPU:Support for the Glossy Fresnel option of the V-Ray material;
-GPU:Support for the Dispersion options of the V-Ray material;
-GPU:Support for the V-Ray alSurface material;
-GPU:Support for the V-Ray Bercon Noise texture;
-GPU:Support for the V-Ray Curvature texture;
-GPU:Support for the V-Ray Edges texture;
-GPU:Support for the V-Ray Environment Fog atmosphere;
-GPU:Support for the V-Ray Scanned Material;
-GPU:Support for the V-Ray Volume Grid;
-Lights: Added the "adaptive" option to the extra Dome light options in the V-Ray Light package (supported on GPU);
-Render Elements:Added the ability to denoise individual render elements;
-Render Elements:Added the lighting analysis render element;
-Render Elements:Added the new indirect modes for the Light Select render element;
-Render Elements:Added the "V-Ray Scanned Paint Mask" and "V-Ray Scanned Zone Mask" render elements;
-Render Settings:Added the adaptive option to the Environment Importance Sampling options (supported on GPU);
-Render Settings:Added the option to choose between the nVidia AI (OptiX) denoiser and the V-Ray denoiser; Windows only !
-Render Settings:Added the "Autoswitch to effectsResults" option in the Image Sampler roll-out;
-V-Ray Dirt:Added the "Affect alpha" option to the V-Ray Dirt texture;
-V-Ray Fur:Added the new tessellation options (supported on GPU);
-V-Ray Material:Added the new metalness option (supported on GPU);
-V-Ray Material:Added the new "compensate exposure" option for the self illumination (supported on GPU);
-V-Ray Materials:Added the V-Ray Hair Next material (supported on GPU);
-V-Ray Materials:Added the new V-Ray Toon material, which works as an extension to the V-Ray material;
-V-Ray Materials:Added the V-Ray Scatter Volume material;
-V-Ray Materials:Added the triplanar options to the V-Ray Scanned Mtl;
-V-Ray Materials:Added the clear coat Strength and Coloring options to the V-Ray Scanned Mtl;
-V-Ray Materials:Added the "Fast Volumetric Translucency" and "Prevent Color Bleeding" options to the V-Ray Scanned Mtl;

Improved features:
-Chaos Cloud:Added an option for selecting between the CPU and GPU engine;
-Chaos Cloud:provided render engine type as a plugin in the vrscene when exporting it;
-Chaos Cloud:Removed the usage of the vccglb file, and instead stored the color corrections inside the .vrscene file;
-GPU:Support for the "Solid" projection mode when used with procedural textures like V-Ray Noise;
-Render with V-Ray Standalone: The color corrections from the VFB in Modo should be transferred to the V-Ray Standalone VFB;
-Render Settings:Added the "consistent lighting render elements" option, enabled by default;
-Render Settings:Set a min limit of 1.0 to the AA Filter size;
-RT: The interactive rendering shouldn't use the Final Color Output's Output Filename and save images to disk;
-Shadow Catcher:When a shadow catcher is visible in reflections/refractions/GI the results should match the Modo renderer more closely.
This is achieved by changing the default for the "matte for sec. rays" option to "without projection mapping";
-Textures:Flipped the Front and Side Color for the V-Ray Fresnel and V-Ray Falloff textures, but only for new textures;
-UI:Added tooltips for the V-Ray Dirt's channels;
-UI:Separated the V-Ray Material UI in 3 different versions using Modo's proficiency levels - basic, standard and advanced;
-UI Render Settings:Used "proficiency levels" to hide advanced channels by default;
-V-Ray Material:Removed the deprecated Reflection and Refraction interpolation options;
-V-Ray Materials:Removed the deprecated "Color Space" option in the V-Ray Scanned Mtl;
-V-Ray Materials:Marked with * the V-Ray Scanned Mtl channels that are loaded from the .vrscan file;
-V-Ray Materials:Moved the bump and parallax options in the V-Ray Scanned Mtl from the "Developer" to the "Advanced" roll-out;

Bugs fixed:
-RT:The texture isolate option stops updating properly when used on a material applied to an item which has an item Shader;
-RT Updates:Artifacts when rendering with DR and applying new material to polygons;
-UI VFB:History Settings: "Completed Renders Only" doesn't work;
-UI VFB:History Settings: "Completed Renders Only" value not saved between Modo sessions;


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