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vCard Wizard Pro 4.22.0231


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May 30, 2018
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vCard Wizard Pro 4.22.0231 | File size: 13.8 MB

vCard Wizard is a lightweight Microsoft Outlook add-in built specifically for helping users share, export, and import vCard files. The program offers support for Outlook toolbar/menu integration, so you can easily access its functions. You are offered step-by-step guidance throughout the entire process, so even rookies can learn to configure the dedicated parameters with minimum effort. vCard Wizard gives you the possibility to export the entire contact data or only the selected contacts to VCF file format by selecting the folder that contains the stored information, picking the saving directory, making the utility save the contacts into one file or multiple items, as well as choosing the encoding method.

Whats more, you can import contacts from vCard files by specifying the Outlook folder, as well as allow duplicate files to be created, overwrite duplicate items, or keep the original items without importing the duplicate files.

Last but not least, you can send your Outlook contacts as email attachments, and import or export multiple contacts and even the whole Contacts folder, including Microsoft Exchange and Public directories.

During our testing we have noticed that vCard Wizard carries out a task very quickly, and no errors showed up throughout the entire process. It doesn't eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.

All things considered, vCard Wizard provides a simple software solution for helping you manage your Outlook contacts efficiently. It can be easily configured and installed by all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

Main features of vCard Wizard:
Microsoft Outlook vCard Converter.
Free Outlook Contacts converter.
Share an unlimited amount of Outlook Contacts via email.
Send Contacts from Microsoft Outlook to your smartphone. Move your Contacts to a mobile device.
Export vCard. Export Contacts from Outlook to vCard.
Import vCard to Microsoft Outlook Contacts.
new! Import and Export iCloud contacts.
new! Import and Export Google contacts.
100% safety guarantee.
Microsoft Outlook versions support.
Upcoming support of new sources.

Main features of vCard Wizard Contacts Converter Pro Edition:
Unlimited import, export and share of Outlook Contacts, iCloud and Google.
The Free Edition allows importing/exporting of up to 5 contacts at a time and disallows saving of multiple contacts into one vCard file. The Pro Edition allows you to import/export and send an unlimited number of contacts. It gives an option to import/export and send multiple contacts in one file.

Share multiple business cards as one file.
The vCard Wizard Pro edition makes it very easy to share your Outlook contacts. Send an unlimited number of contacts in separate files, or add them to a single vCard file. You can send vCards attached to an email, via instant messaging service, Bluetooth or transfer it on an external drive.

Export multiple Outlook Contacts to a single vCard file.
With vCard Wizard Contacts Converter, you are able to export Microsoft Outlook Contacts to vCards, known as .vcf files. Choose whether you want to export them in a single file (you will need the vCard Wizard software installed to be able to open the file) or keep them separate in multiple files to be opened in Google, iPhone, iPad, Android and most of other devices. The saved Contacts will contain all the original fields, including a picture of the person.

Import Contacts from vCard file to your Outlook.
You can import contacts from vCard in a few clicks. Select the .vcf file you want to import, no matter if it contains a single or multiple contacts, all of them will be imported into your Outlook. You can save them in your default Contacts folder or create a new one.

Import and Export iCloud contacts.
Transfer contacts from and to multiple devices and sources: iCloud Contacts, iPhone/iPad, Mac Computers.

Import and Export Google contacts.
Transfer contacts from and to multiple devices and sources: Android phones, Gmail Contacts, Google Contacts.

Convert all your Contacts to a CSV file and open it in Excel.
Import contacts from CSV to Exchange, Office365, Outlook, Gmail or iCloud.
Merge contacts from multiple sources to CSV.

Import or export Exchange/Office 365 contacts.
Transfer Exchange Contacts to CSV, VCF, Outlook, Gmail and iCloud.

Move Outlook Contacts.
Export all your Microsoft Outlook contacts to a single vCard and move them to any other device you are using. Add the same contacts to the other computer where you are using Outlook, your smartphone, tablet or services like Google and iCloud. The vCard containing all your contacts can be stored on a safe memory drive as a backup of your data. Keep your Outlook Contacts safe

Manage duplicate contacts during import.
vCard Wizard provides its users with basic contacts duplicate management options. Choose whether to allow contacts duplicates, replace old contacts with new ones or skip contacts that are recognized as duplicates. Decide what you want to do with duplicate contacts and keep your Microsoft Outlook Contacts organized.

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