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Apr 20, 2018
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Zuken E3.series 2019 SP1 P1 Build 20.11 Update | 290.9 mb
Zuken has released an update to E³.series 2019. The latest release contains new and enhanced functionality that further increases productivity throughout all phases of engineering, from design to manufacture.

Designer-23381 When using the command 'Export Drawing' , the set options are not accurately evaluated
Designer-30607 Component type hoses / tubes has several routes in the database
Designer-30783 Performance problems when opening folders in the database
Designer-33596 Too many texts in a terminal plan line for devices at texts '#1101' and '#1102
Designer-34457 The marking line of a split block is not greyed out when the option is deactivated [34627]
Designer-34689 The trigger 'AfterWireConnected' doesn't return "LastModifiedItems" at external callup
Designer-34756 Graphical comparison: The bounding box is calculated too large for arcs with large radius and small arc
Designer-34776 Variants/Options -A variant is added to a connection when connecting
Designer-34790 The 'Suffix-Modification' does not work correct with all blocks
Designer-34791 E3 crash when cutting and pasting a large terminal strip
Designer-34801 Parts of an assembly are not renamed as expected when moving into another structure node
Designer-34810 "Jump to"-Functionality in Database Window distinguishes between upper and lower case
Designer-34823 Error 'E -Error in function enum STATUS __cdecl check_plug_in_pins(), ret = 6' when inserting a symbol to a connection
Designer-34829 Placing net nodes in Formboard takes very long
Designer-34854 The source update within the text properties in project have to occur regardless the setting "Keep other text parameter for: Symbols"
Designer-34861 Merging wires by menu "Merge" shall only be possible when all shields, conductors and bundles have unique names
Designer-34878 Different behavior of blocks when updating
Designer-34879 Highlight can't be reset under specific circumstancesDesigner-34891Double-byte characters are incorrectly supported in the connection table
Designer-34894 E3.ReportScripts: The Connection List lists additional connection
Designer-34902 Texts are displayed wrong if all variants but only specific options are activated
Designer-34921 COM: The COM-Method "GetLastModifiedItems" after the trigger "AfterChangeComponentCode" only returns the last changed device for hoses
Designer-34934 Performance problems when editing a sheet due to symbol with many curved connections [34627]
Designer-34935 Modifying the space requirement may lead to error 'E -Error in function struct POLY_REC *__cdecl calculate_crossinoint_segms_segms(const class std::vector > &,const class std::vector > &,int &), ret = 0'
Designer-34937 A block component with block connector defined in the database reacts incorrectly in project to placement rules for MIL-connectors
Designer-34939 Sheet region on panel sheet changed after updating model
Designer-34986 The display of the Panel model in 3D is out of place
Designer-35001 Blocks in assemblies are removed from their assembly due to cut and paste on sheet and then appear again in the tree
Designer-35004 Graphical compare via BAT file leads to crash, resulting E3S can't be opened
Designer-35012 Pin of a connector disappears from the device tree after having it placed on a block
Designer-35017 Import Drawing -When the setting "Ignore component name" is active, symbol characteristics are not considered
Designer-35020 Folding the tree does not change the internal selection list -COM-functionality 'job.GetTreeSelectedStructureNodeIds' doesn't return expected items
Designer-35025 Error message 'E -check_connector(): [xxx] component ([xxx]) [xxx]' of cmppin ([xxx]) differs from component [xxx] of connector ([xxx])' when updating a block component -this leads to item validation errors
Designer-35026 Following error appears when writing a sub-circuit of Panel sheets: "E -Error in function int __cdecl md_add_variant_data_to_chains(int,int,int), ret = 1"
Designer-35027 COM: COM: Text.CalculateBoxHeight / Text.CalculateBoxHeightEx returns wrong number of lines
Designer-35040 After component change on connector, the following error appears "E -Internal validation detected some errors. " (E -line: End-Position 2 (...) differs from Position of Cell ... (...) / E -cell: Position (...) differs from End-Position 2 of line ... (...))
Designer-35047 Error 'E -VARIANT_ITEM/[xxx]::exclusive points to [xxx] which doesn't exist' after importing a specific sub-circuit -Item validation prevents import
Designer-35048 In split blocks, not all block contours are faded out correctly
Designer-35049 DBE: Incomplete display of pin attributes in the block component
Designer-35052 No display of the conductor in the pin view connection (in combination with pin equivalences)
Designer-35053 COM: Pin.GetCavityPartIds doesn't work when the option "Show information for option combinations" is checked
Designer-35067 Project with 'lost items' 'E -unknown item type 65 in resize_items' (MODIFY_OBJECT) can't be converted in 64bit version
Designer-35074 E3 may crash while printing to specific printers
Designer-35085 After opening a Multiuser project from 2018-1932 in 2018-1933, texts are missing (after 'Purge unused objects')
Designer-35086 The wire length of the cable duct inlet/outlet is not added to the conductor length
Designer-35096 Crash of Multiuser Setup when a backup of the Dictionary database is used.
Designer-35105 Deletion of sheet or update of components in specific project creates error message and dmp file
Designer-35118 COM: Method sheet.ImportDxf() displays too many comments on sheet
Designer-35120 When saving a project with the setting "Save current configuration without variants/options" warnings are displayed and saving is not successful
Designer-35121 Component without structure can't be changed in the DB when it is part of an assembly
Designer-35130 Update of all symbols in project may be denied by the item validation
Designer-35141 RegKey "Linestyles" only has effect on lines of a not filled rectangle
Designer-35144 Removing the visibility of the higher level assignment creates new device
Designer-35145 Reference of devices plugged in tree is displayed horizontally
Designer-35150 Bad performance when switching between sheets if option tree is shown and lot of options in the project
Designer-35154 Error message: 'E -CCID:001657: check_positionlst( xxxx ): Component 'xxxx' has invalid 'Unknown/xxx' as Model-Characteristic' after update in project
Designer-35156 Import of a sub-circuit might crash
Designer-35157 The check W 0013 does not show different graphical nets
Designer-35158 Placing several single pins of a block connector on a block is denied on a sheet with DefaultViewNumber
Designer-35163 Selecting the pin on the sheet does not activate the pin in the device properties dialog if it's a bus pin
Designer-35166 The setting "Interrupt signal flow on normal connectors" is not updated after "Reload Settings"
Designer-35169 Component code of assembly disappears after moving a formboard symbol
Designer-35170 The symbol of a formboard view can't be updated when a table symbol is attached
Designer-35185 COM: SetSettingValue CREATE_CONN_WITH_FLOW and CREATE_BLCON_WITH_FLOW do not work
Designer-35193 Performance problem when selecting a symbol if the option tree is opened (if many options are available)
Designer-35209 Possible infinite loop when moving a circuit partDesigner-35228The length of a net segment is added to another net segment after moving
Designer-35232 The entry 'Physical Length' is not assigned to several marked wires
Designer-35240 E3 Crash after deletion of symbol and inserting it again
Designer-35257 Moving a cable duct leads to program crash
Designer-35271 Error messages when updating components in a project
Designer-35276 A dimension between 2 different objects prevents modification of one of the objects
Designer-35279 When using an active connector pin terminal from a connector pin terminal group, it is saved additionally or multiple times as valid connector pin terminal
Designer-35300 Incorrect display of mounting rails in 3DDesigner-35305Command "Jump to structure" (in sheet tree) doesn't work with graphics on a read only level
Designer-35331 COM: Script may crash at call "Signal.FindPanelPath" in specific settings of the projectDesigner-35347E3 allows in specific combinations deletion of nodes in the tree that are not empty
Designer-35361 Error message at COM function 'Field.GetArea' with field when incorrect ID is set
Designer-35362 Device can't be merged at Paste Extended
Designer-35365 Invalid VAR_CH_RECS on cable conductors when in MultiUser an option is assigned to a wire and the menu is not closed and another user wants to move this wire into a dynamic cable at the same time.
Designer-35370 Problems at creation of a sub-circuit in a specific project
Designer-35373 Different behavior at reconnection of wires when a connection end is moved to a connection
Designer-35387 Changes in DBE at a symbol which are made in the trigger "BeforeSaveSymbol" have no effect
Designer-35389 Inconsistencies when moving a connector view to a hierarchical block
Designer-35390 Routing is not executed as defined in the settings
Designer-35392 No ability to change the name of a feed-through-connector with documentation symbol in the pin assignmentDesigner-35395Red cross on terminal plan sheet when opening a Multiuser-project in Viewer Plus
Designer-35405 Error 'E -Error in function devpin\search_devpin_pinnum(), ret = 1' when reassigning a pin view from a view defined in the database to a device that is not existing yet via a text passage of a device designation
Designer-35417 Creating a PDF using pagination functionality may lead to crash in MultiUser projectDesigner-35420Error 'E -Internal validation detected some errors.' when saving without variants/options -Error 'E -NET_ITEM/[xxx]::shtptr points to [xxx] which doesn't exist'
Designer-35441 Component code is missing in the preview window at the connector documentation symbol
Designer-35442 Error message 'E -CAVITY_PART_ITEM/[xxx]::eek:wner points to [xxx] which doesn't exist' after command 'Delete forced' to a connector with multiple pin terminals and activated setting 'Show information for Options combination' -found by item validation
Designer-35461 Differing display of plugged models in 2D view
Designer-35474 Incorrect behavior at blocking of hierarchical blocks when blocking structure nodes
Designer-35489 Specific multi user project can't be opened due to SIMCON conflicts
Designer-35516 Text type #352 'Referenz to Schema' is not filled in terminal plan even if the terminal symbol is placed
Designer-35520 When updating sub-circuits in a project new devices are created
Designer-35558 Connection references are not reconnected after updating sub-circuits in the project
Designer-35608 Additional assemblies are created during update of sub-circuits in the project
Designer-35614 Internal validation prevents update of sub-circuit

Zuken E³.series is a Windows-based, scalable, easy-to-learn system for the design of wiring and control systems, hydraulics and pneumatics. The out-of-the-box solution includes schematic (for circuit and fluid diagrams), cable (for advanced electrical and fluid design), panel (for cabinet and panel layout), and formboard (for 1:1 wiring harness manufacturing drawings). Integrated with MCAD, E3.series is a complete design engineering solution from concept through physical realization and manufacturing output.

Zuken is a global provider of leading-edge software and consulting services for electrical and electronic design and manufacturing. Founded in 1976, Zuken has the longest track record of technological innovation and financial stability in the electronic design automation (EDA) software industry. The company's extensive experience, technological expertise and agility, combine to create world-class software solutions. Zuken's transparent working practices and integrity in all aspects of business produce long-lasting and successful customer partnerships that make Zuken a reliable long-term business partner.
Product: Zuken E³.series
Version: 2019 SP1 P1 Build 20.11 Update
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :
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Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Software Prerequisites: Zuken E³.series 2019 SP1 and above
Size: 290.9 mb

OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64)/Windows Server 2012 (x64)/ Windows Server 2012 R2 (x64)/Windows Server 2016 (x64)/Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (x86-x64)
- CPU:2 GHz CPU or higher
- RAM:at least 4 GB RAM or more
- Display:19" monitor with 1280*1024 with True Color or Wide Screen monitor; alternatively DualScreen solution.
- Hard Space:at least 10 GB free disk space on the hard disk (for the normal installation)

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