Addon Update Notifier

xF2 Add-on Addon Update Notifier 1.1.8

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Previous version checked for exact add-on url, which doesn't work in case an add-on has changed URL (title)

New version checks with the slug id so it is still matching correct add-on when a developer changes their add-on name
Note: This is a backend change, meaning: there is no new package to install

Since XF2.3 the pages have <time>-elements with slightly different markup to denote timestamps.

Our backend is now updated to correctly read the timestamp for add-on updates
As suggested by @Mouth & @benFF: Show buttons for download/changelog in the notice on top of the add-ons page:
Basically a fix to hide the "update available" info and buttons for add-ons that are disabled.
Since XoN add-ons nowadays use their own magical versioning system, we managed to introduce a bug with the last release, which fixed add-ons using the "90-hack" to be picked up correctly.

This bug made various XoN add-ons show up as having an update, even if the latest one was already installed.
In this update we added support for XoN's special versioning format.

There was a small bug with this change so when he released a new version for an add-on that made the switch from the correct versioning format to his own, our system didn't map it correctly directly (it would've done it on the next release of the same add-on).

This has now been fixed and updates for XoN's add-ons should be sent correctly again
By default (since this update) the download button has been set to download directly from if possible. This release adds the option to prefer downloading from developer's own site if it exists.
If a download link allows direct downloading from the Xenforo resource page, send the browser there instead of the developer's resource page.

This is a UX improvement since most owners are likely already logged into XF, while on the developers own sites' they might not even have an account.
Don't show version/download/changelog info in the "Upgradeable" box.
(When FTP uploading zip archive with new version)
Some phrases had been added during development when we tested the 90-prefix in versioning.

This release resets them to be on version 1010391 rather than previous wrong value of 901000070