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* [Improved] Make the button 'Bulk Edit' on top of the table translatable
* [Improved] Sorting on the taxonomy column now also works with 'Show all results'
* [Improved] With horizontal scrolling enabled the horizontal offset is preserved when refreshing the page
* [Improved] The small icons shown next to the column name on the column settings page are now aligned
* [Added] Added the ability to sort, edit and filter the "Author Slug" and "Full Name" columns on the users table
* [Added] Added the ability to sort and filter the "Full Name" column on the users table
* [Added] New hook `acp/select/formatter/user_name` to alter the displayed user results from the filter select2 dropdown
* [Added] New hook `acp/select/formatter/post_title` to alter the displayed post results from the filter select2 dropdown
* [Added] New hook `acp/select/formatter/term_name` to alter the displayed term results from the filter select2 dropdown
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.1.8 )
* [Added] New columns for the Users table: Fullname, Author Slug and Username / Login.
* [Fixed] CSS conflict on overview pages where post type is 'Modal'
Release Date: April 22nd, 2020

* [Improved] Implemented fallback for WordPress determine_local() function making Admin Columns Pro compatible again for installation with WordPress version below 5.0
* [Improved] Better horizontal scrollbar positioning when page changes
* [Improved] Better backward compatibility for the inline edit toggle button
* [Improved] Fixed some right-to-left (RTL) issues in Editing
* [Improved] Smart filters can be hidden per list table via the optional settings (below the column settings)
* [Fixed] Disabled Export for Yoast Linked column
* [Fixed] MySQL error when sorting on a custom field column that has no value for any of the records
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.1.6 )
* [Improved] You can now display the column ID and Type by opening the screen options in top right
* [Improved] The meta column will now display a zero (when available) instead of a dash
* [Improved] Improved right-to-left (RTL) support
* [Improved] First time loading columns is faster
Release Date: March 11th, 2020

* [Fixed] Possible errors during update process
* [Updated] Admin Column Core changes ( 4.0.3 )
* [Updated] Saving column settings for the first time could result in extra database records.
* [Fixed] License key was not persisently stored on multi site environments
* [Added] Core translations are updated
* [Improved] Horizontal scrolling recalculates position after Bulk Edit is finished
* [Updated] Admin Column Core changes ( 4.0.2 )
* [Updated] Fallback for wp_timezone when running WordPress < 5.3
* [Updated] Languages for core version updated
* [Updated] The minimum version required to run Admin Columns Pro is now PHP 5.6.20.
* [Fixed] The post status column will now sort correctly
* [Improved] When the column label is an icon, the column (type) label will be used for the CSV colum header when exporting data
* [Improved] Show posts with any status when sorting on custom field on default overview (all)
* [Improved] Adapted new WordPress 5.3 interface styling
* [Improved] Better Excel support for exported CSV files
* [Improved] Inline Edit text fields now support maxlength setting
* [Updated] Admin Column Core changes ( 3.4.8 )
* [Fixed] Updated Select2 to 4.0.12 to prevent non closing behavior
* [Updated] The minimum version required to run Admin Columns is now PHP 5.6.20