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Best Posts - uncover your top content

xF1 Add-on Best Posts - uncover your top content 1.2.0

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Compatible XF Versions 1.x
1.3, 1.4, 1.5

In a nutshell, Best Posts makes your forum useful to a wider audience by making your best content more easily accessible.

One of the largest issues with the standard forum format compared to Reddit-like upvoting is that posts that aren't on the first and last pages of a thread tend to get overlooked. Not an issue for your regular users who are primarily interested in the latest posts, but what about new users?

Best Posts has you covered: the global and per-forum modes allow users to see at a glance the most interesting posts your site has to offer, while the per-thread mode injects new life into your megathreads, release threads, build log threads, etc., where the content readers want is hidden among pages of comments.


  • View the most liked posts across all of your site and filtered by subforum.
  • View the most liked posts in a thread (similar to the feature in vBSEO)
  • Integrates with either standard XF likes, or positive ratings if Post Ratings is installed.
  • Fully integrated with XF - Best Posts pages appear as if they were a normal thread and all standard post controls are available.
  • Context sensitive navbar link (links to best posts of current thread if viewing a thread, etc.)
  • Variety of other links: next to 'Watch Thread/Forum' and as a button next to 'Post New Thread' (all optional)
  • Configurable minimum number of positive ratings/likes for a post to be included.
  • Option to prevent search engine indexing if you would prefer not to expose duplicate content.
  • Built with performance in mind - highly responsive even when sorting against very large numbers of posts and ratings.



The addon can be seen in action on my live forum:



Installation instructions:
  1. Upload contents of upload folder to forum root.
  2. Install new addon using addon-BestPosts.xml.

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  1. Version 1.2.0

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