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Conversation Auto Responder

xF1 Add-on Conversation Auto Responder v1.2.3

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Compatible XF Versions 1.x
1.4, 1.5

Conversation Auto Responder (previously MessageAutoReplies) is a XenForo add-on which allows users to configure an auto-response message which is sent as an automatic response to incoming conversations. Access to set a message can be restricted with a permission node - ideal for only allowing staff to use the feature, for example.

The message supports the full range of BBCode tags available in normal conversations and can make use of variables which are replaced at send-time. For example, a message could contain a greeting to {username} and this would be replaced with the username of the user initiating the conversation.

Potential uses include "out of office" replies for when staff are temporarily unavailable, information on where users can get support etc. Add-on developers can very easily create a code event listener and expand the supported message variables to fit their needs.


As with most other XenForo add-ons, installation consists of uploading the contents of the "upload" directory into the XenForo root directory before using the form in the admin control panel and uploading the XML descriptor file.

System requirements

Requires PHP 5.4, 5.6 preferred. Tested with XenForo 1.4.6 and above, though should work fine with similar earlier versions of XenForo.


  • Users can set and remove their auto-responder message
  • All new conversations involving a recipient with an auto-responder message will have the auto-reply sent to the conversation as soon as it is sent
  • Users can make use of variables in their auto-responder messages to make them more friendly
  • Administrators can limit use of the feature to certain users or user groups
  • Perfect for "out of office" replies when users are temporarily unavailable or for automatically providing self-help resources for support requests
  • Add-on developers can easily add support for their own variables by listening to a simple code event
Technical Details
  • The add-on creates one extra table "xf_mar_messages" with two fields: user_id (unsigned integer) and message_contents (text).
  • The add-on extends the XenForo_ControllerPublic_Conversation class to send the auto-response as soon as the conversation is created.
  • The code is well-documented and you're welcome to make changes for your own personal use.
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