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What is vBAnswers?
vBAnswers is a mod that's especially helpful if you run a tech support forum, or any other forum where your users pose questions to other members for them to answer.

It lets them quickly identify which posts have been marked as the solution to the issue, and also rewards users who post helpful posts via points, as well as trophies displayed next to their usernames.


Other addons available @

Major Features
Quickly Post Problems:

Two quick forms lets users easily post new problems to the correct forum.

Quick Solution Identification:

Flagging a post as Solution lets other members quickly identify which post solves the problem.

Guest Delayed Submissions:

Guests who try to post a new problem will be redirected to the registration form, and as soon as they have registered or logged in, their problem will be posted in the forum they chose - even if they come back hours or even days later.

Complete Feature List


  • Sidebar widget for posting new problems
  • Sidebar widget for listing problems
  • Sidebar widget for listing top problem solvers

  • Problem categories tied to specific forums
  • Form for posting new problems on Forum Display
  • Ability to flag posts as Solution, Best Answer or Good Answer

Community-Voted "Best Answers"
  • Users who did not ask the original question can vote on a single answer in the thread as the "Best Answer"
  • Users can un-vote their post of choice if they change their mind later
  • The community voted best answer will display a unique text

General / Other
  • Reminders for users who have unresolved problems with at least 1 reply and has not received a reply for X days
  • Postbit stats for Problems Posted, Problems Solved, Best Answers Given, Good Answers Given
  • What's Going On stat block for total problems posted, total unresolved problems, best problem solver
  • Per-usergroup limits on how often problems can be posted


Private Questions
  • Admins can choose to enable a category to only have Private questions
  • Admins can choose to enable a category to have Private questions (User choice per question)
  • Private questions go in a special sub-forum that admins set up, with special permissions
  • Questions will only show up to starter, and staff

General / Other
  • Rotating trophies for most Solutions, Best Answers and Good Answers, recalculated every X days
  • Ability to export a list of everybody who has received at least 1 post flagged as the Solution, Best Answer or Good Answer with the info described


This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of the Forum Home, Forum Display and Show Thread pages, as well as all modification pages, which includes:
  • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
  • 1 Link to Product Description page of this modification
  • 1 Link to Tom's Hardware (Italy) homepage
  • 1 Link to Hivelocity Hosting (Removable via a vBulletin Option)

Tom's Hardware (Italy) commissioned this mod, which is why the branding exists.
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