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xF1 Style Edge - PixelExit 1.5.12

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Edge is powered by the XenBase framework which gives you complete control over your style. It's an easy to use style with some really unique features, compacted header with some unique features.

Out of the box Edge comes with a guest registration box which rotates images using XenBase's backstretch feature. You can easily edit the title and description of this using our custom style properties. Additionally we give you an option to have a unique thread list look by replacing the avatars with font awesome icons and we've styled the icon key(polls/watch/sticky) for you as well which can be easily changed.

On top of the custom features Edge has built in it's built upon XenBase giving you some amazing options:
  • Off-Canvas Menu
  • Multiple Flexible Node Layouts
  • Multiple Message Layouts
  • Sticky Elements (Moderator Bar, Navigation and Sidebar)
  • Font Awesome icons built-in throughout the style replacing the outdated XenForo default images
  • and so much more...
On top of those features by purchasing Edge you'll get access to the best support provided by a style company on XenForo. We take pride in helping our customers as we're nothing without you so if you ever need any help just post on forums.

Beta Status:
I'm releasing this as a "beta" style in the sense that I'd love to get feedback from the community and offer it to anyone to play with it and create something truly unique. I'd love to implement any fixes/recommends you all have prior to launching it officially. XenBase is a really extensive framework and while we do our best to cover every possible outcome sometimes with the amount of options we have we can't make every option work with every other option.
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