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xF1 Add-on GoodForNothing Kraken 1.1.2

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This add-on uses kraken.io to optimize/compress attached images on your board. Why is that necessary you might ask? Of course to reduce both the page load time for your visitors and disk space for your server! :D

Now supports JpegOptim to compress JPEG and JPEG2000 files locally! :D

Case Studies
These are the sites that I know uses GFNKraken and the results are derived from when the first rebuild was performed. If you want to add your own site let me know :)
  • www.physicsforums.com/ - Processed around 57k images, saved 1.3GB of disk space resulting in 42% reduction.
  • z22se.co.uk/ - Processed around 46k images, saved 8.8GB of disk space resulting in 56% reduction.
  • xfuniverse.com/ - Processed 583 images, saved 12.6MB of disk space resulting in 27% reduction.
  • www.mu-43.com/ - Processed 73k images, saved 14.7GB of disk space resulting in 55% reduction.
  • www.slingshotcommunity.com/ - Processed 13k images, saved 891MB of disk space resulting in 17% reduction.
  • www.controlbooth.com/ - Processed 14k images, saved 4.4GB of disk space resulting in 77% reduction.
  • www.r3owners.net/ - Processed 20k images, saved 2.9GB of disk space resulting in 28% reduction.
  • www.thelureforum.com/ - Processed 35k images, saved 10.4GB of disk space resulting in 71% reduction.
  • www.clubpromos.fr/forum/ - Processed 29k images, saved 699MB of disk space resulting in 37% reduction.
  • www.survivalmonkey.com/ - Processed 44k images, saved 5.6GB of disk space resulting in 67% reduction.
  • www.talkbass.com/ - Processed 453k images, saved 134.9GB of disk space resulting in 55% reduction.
  • www.caviaforum.nl/ - Processed 112k images, saved 24.4GB of disk space.

kraken.io is a subscription based online service to compress images with a higher degree of accuracy. You can learn more about kraken.io here.


Spot the difference:


There are currently two usable mechanisms to handle the process of compressing the attachments.
  • If you enable deferred processing the attachments will be enqueued as soon as they are uploaded and will be processed when the deferred.php is called.
    I would suggest to use GoodForNothing Shell Defer for better performance.
  • The other one is in real-time. That means attachments will be compressed as soon as they are uploaded. The only downside is that the visitor will experience a slight delay.
Supported add-ons:
Other add-ons will be added upon request. So if you want to see support for any particular add-on let me know! :D
Future Plans

  • Adding support other applications do let me know which you want to see being added (though it mainly depends on which license I can buy...).
  • Adding the ability to compress images from the /style/ directory.
  • Adding the ability to use "on-site" local applications to do all the optimizations. That means no more kraken.io for those who don't want to use third-party services! :D

  1. Download and extract the package.
  2. Upload everything from the 'upload' folder to your forum's root directory.
  3. Import the XML file named 'addon-GFNKraken.xml' from your AdminCP.
  4. Voila! :D
All the available options can be found at AdminCP -> Applications -> GoodForNothing Kraken -> System Options.

All the options are properly explained to prevent any confusions. And are separated into tabs to give you more flexibility.

Once you've set up the add-on for the first you can rebuild your old attachments. To do that, go to: AdminCP -> Tools -> Rebuild Caches.

And at the very bottom there's a new section for rebuilding old attachments. You can specify how many attachments will be enqueued per loop.

Do note that if you have a lot of attachments it will take a lot time to process them all. According to tests done by @MattW it took ~45 minutes to process ~800 attachments. This does not depend on the server but rather on kraken's API workers.

You can view the process logs and manage them from AdminCP -> Applications -> GoodForNothing Kraken -> Process Logs where you can filter the log records by clicking on the filter tablets and re-process images if required. :)

Note to CloudFlare Users
There is a timeout set by CloudFlare on processes that take more than 100 seconds (Enterprise plans have a limit of 300 seconds). So for doing the first run, you can bypass (Grey Cloud) CF's CDN proxy for your site to prevent any unexpected timeout errors during the rebuild. And once the rebuild is done, you can again enable CF's CDN for your site. :)

License Agreement
Upon purchase you agree to our License Agreement (which is not available at this moment, but is more or less the same as XenForo's).

The tl;dr of our license agreement is:
You are not allowed to redistribute the package under any circumstances and/or in any form and you can use one subscription on one site only. If you want to use this add-on on another site of yours, you have to purchase a new subscription.
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