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[HA] News Ticker

xF1 Add-on [HA] News Ticker 1.0.9a

No permission to download
Compatible XF Versions 1.x

Resource Name

[HA] News Ticker

Description / Features
General Features:
Fully Responsive
Support both LTR and RTL
Style Properties for all parts (so that you make your own appearance for each ticker to fit your style)
Documentation where needed
Tabbed Options (so you can easily manage each ticker in its own tab all in one option page)
Dedicated page (your-site.com/newsticker)
Navigation Tab
Be able to disable in Mobile
Ability to activate multiple tickers
Ability to activate each ticker anywhere you want (in defined positions)
Custom News (You are not limited to RSS. You can add your own text too)
Different Positions
No Where
Dedicated Page
Forum List Above Nodes
Forum List Below Nodes
Above Sidebar
Below Sidebar
Above Breadcrumb
Below Breadcrumb
Above Footer
Below Footer
Above Header
Below Header
(More will be added upon request and having time to do)
Renderer for all tickers for Widget Framework
Can See News Ticker?
Can See JQuery News Ticker
Can See T-Marquee
Can See Breaking News Ticker
Can See Latest News
Can See Swift Ticker - RSS
Can See Swift Ticker - Socials
Can See Swift Ticker - Custom News
Can See News Ticker Tab
Can See News Ticker Dedicated Page
(More will be added when new features be added)
Eight different Ticker designs
Ticker Me
Jquery News Ticker
Breaking News Ticker
Latest News
Swift Ticker - RSS
Swift Ticker - Socials
Swift Ticker - Custom News

Ticker Me Features:

Fade Speed
Auto Stop?
Character limit
News Count
Custom News Field
RSS Field
Renderer for Widget Framework

JQuery News Ticker Features:

Ticker Direction
Display Type
Ticker's Title
Pause On News
Fade In Speed
Fade Out Speed
Speed of Reveal
Feed Type
Ajax Feed
Character limit
News Count
Debug Mode?
Custom News Field
RSS Field
Feed URL - Same Domain
Renderer for Widget Framework

T-Marquee Features:

Pause On Sycle
Pause On Hover
Start Visibility
Character limit
News Count
Show Date
Custom News Field
RSS Field
Renderer for Widget Framework

Breaking News Ticker Features:

Auto Play
Color (11 ready to use + custom)
Feed Count
Ticker's Main Title Link
Ticker's Main Title
Font Style
Controls On Hover
Show Feed's Title
Show Feed Domain
Custom News Field
RSS Field
Renderer for Widget Framework

Latest News Features:

Loading Image
Pause On Item
New Window
Multi Line
Maximum Number of Characters
Show Commands
Show Title
Left Image
Pause Image
Play Image
Right Image
Left Image Hover
Pause Image Hover
Play Image Hover
Right Image Hover
Animation In (100 different animations + random)
Animation Out (100 different animations + random)
Theme (120 Ready to use + custom)
Layout (3 ready to use)
Pause On Mouse Over
Resume On Mouse Out
Max Items
Base Url
News Field
Custom News Field
RSS Field
Renderer for Widget Framework

Swift Ticker - (All three designs: RSS - Social - Custom News) Features:

Date Localization (Short Days Names)
Date Localization (Full Days Names)
Date Localization (Short Months Names)
Date Localization (Full Months Names)
Date Localization (Elapsed Names)
Nav Arrows
Boxed News
Cache News
Social Share
Touch Swipe
Elapsed Time
Read More Button
Pause On Hover
Slide All
Expandable News
Scroll Exp Elem
Manage Exp Images
Auto Play After Exp
Show Source's Logo
Button Position
Read More Text
Max News
News Per Time
Title Behavior
Image Behavior
Animation Time
Slideshow Time
Exp Main Img Pos
Date Format (with all placeholders)
Soundcloud (for Socials)
Pinterest (for Socials)
Youtube (for Socials)
Twitter (for Socials)
Google Plus (for Socials)
Facebook Page (for Socials)
Tumblr (for Socials)
Custom News (for Custom News)
RSS (for RSS)
Renderer for Widget Framework


1. Upload the contents from the folder to your xenforo root folder on your server.
2. Install the add-on with the included addon:
Dadparvar_NewsTicker.xml file via the XenForo admin interface.




Website and copyright links have been removed from these files to remove any traces coming back to your website.


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