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HTML BBCode (permission protected)

xF1 Add-on HTML BBCode (permission protected) 1.0.8

No permission to download

This addon allows your members with the appropriate permission to post raw HTML within [parsehtml] BBCode tags.

Currently the tag is only enabled within threads, post previews (edit, reply, new thread) and Conversations. XenPorta support is also available through a minor file edit.


  1. Upload contents of upload folder to forum root
  2. Install addon xml file
  3. Configure the extra permission as you see fit (strongly recommended to restrict to trusted groups only)
  4. Optional: File edit for XenPorta support


This addon along with lifetime* updates and support can be yours for just £6.00 GBP:

For Bitcoin or Skrill/Moneybookers alternative payment, please PM me.

The addon zip file and all future updates will be delivered automatically via email immediately after payment.
Please ensure you can receive email to your PayPal registered email address; private message me here if you have any billing-related queries.

*Lifetime updates refers to a single XF major version (e.g. 1.x.x) - a small fee may be payable to continue receiving updates if a new XF major version is released more than 6 months after your purchase. This is due to the fact that major XF version releases may require a complete addon rewrite. If this is not the case, the fee may be waived at my discretion. Please consider that this is still a generous policy compared to other addons (which typically offer a 1 year renewal cycle), given that XF 1.x has been going for nearly 5 years now.

You may not redistribute this addon.

As with XenForo itself, you may use this addon on one live and one private test forum - any additional usage will require extra license(s).
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