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Nulled VB4 [OzzModz] Add As Friend In Postbit 1.0.2 1.0.2

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This is just a small mod, that will allow you to show a Add As Friend button in the postbit.
This mod may increase participation on your site, as users become more familiar with the friends system. As their friend base grows, they may be more willing to return.

It is a simple installation, upload the contents of the upload folder and import the product XML,

You can edit the options under the settings,
[OzzModz] Add As Friend In Postbit Settings

Complete Feature List
  • Option to disable the mod completely.
  • Option to choose which usergroups can see the buttons.
  • Option to select one of seven different locations in the postbit to display the buttons.
    • Above Every Post Container = Above every post on the page.
    • User Info Left = Below the users title.
    • User Info Right After Posts = After the post count in the postbit.
    • User Info Right = Above the instant messenger icons.
    • Message Area Start = In the post container above the posts.
    • Signature Start = Above the signature.
    • Signature End = Below the signature.
    • Postbit Controls Area = Before the IP icon and the Report post icons.
  • Option to set the path and image name to the image you want to use for the add friend button.
  • Option to set the path and image name to the image you want to use for the is friend button.

First screenshot is how it looks in the postbit control area, second is how it looks in the postbit, third is of the settings.


Initial Release

Fixed some issues.
  • Fixed the issue wit the images not showing in some spots.
  • Fixed a issue if you choose, Above Every Post Container = Above every post on the page, that the images would all display at the top of the page.

Fixed some issues.
  • Hopefully solved the issue with this not working for everyone.
  • Fixed a issue with the cache template plugin checking if the wrong mod was active.
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