+ NEW: WHMCS Homepage Template [Modern]
+ NEW: WHMCS Three Layouts
+ NEW: WHMCS Layout Manager
+ NEW: WHMCS User Profile Picture
+ NEW: WHMCS Icons Logos
+ NEW: WHMCS Options to Hide/show Icons on Menu
+ UPDATE: Improve WHMCS Template Pages Design
+ UPDATE: WHMCS Module "Phox Templates" to v2.1.5
+ UPDATE: Phox-Hosting plugin to v1.9.6
+ FIXED: Mega Menu Auto Resize For Mobile and Tablet
+ NEW: Theme Compatability With PHP v8
+ NEW: Elementor Domain Widget Integration with GoDaddy Reseller Store
+ UPDATE: Phox-Hosting plugin to v1.9.0
+ UPDATE: WHMCS Module "Phox Templates" to v2.1.1
+ UPDATE: WHMCS Template to v8.7.3 (No changes in the template or order form)
+ FIXED: Elementor Countdown Error when time expired.
+ FIXED: WHMCS MarketConnect Link in Menu
+ DOCS: How To Use Godaddy Reseller Store With Domain Widget
We are always proactive in preventing security issues, however nobody can assume they will never come up.
This is why we highly recommend to stay up to date with each new theme version and plugins.

Changelog - Version 2.2.7 - 18 May 2023
+ NEW: WHMCS Menu Manager
+ UPDATE: WHMCS Module "Phox Templates" to v2.1.0
+ UPDATE: WHMCS Template & Orderform to v8.7.2 - WHMCS Phox v2.1.0
+ UPDATE: Phox-Hosting plugin to v1.8.8
+ UPDATE: Slider Revolution to v6.6.13
+ FIXED: Theme Builder conflict with Polylang Plugin
+ DOCS: WHMCS Menu Manager
+ DOCS: How to Update WHMCS Template, orderform, and module.
+ NEW: Classy PRO Demo
+ NEW: Elementor Domain Widget Options
+ UPDATE: Phox-Hosting plugin to v1.8.7
+ UPDATE: Slider Revolution to v6.6.12
+ UPDATE: WHMCS Template & Orderform to v8.7.1
+ UPDATE: Compatibility with WordPress v6.2
+ FIXED: Popup condition warring message if the popup is not used
+ FIXED: Fonts Warning message
+ NEW: Neat Demo
+ NEW: Popup Builder
+ NEW: Elementor WHMCS Price Table Widget
+ NEW: RTL Support for WHMCS Template
+ UPDATE: Phox-Hosting plugin to v1.8.5
+ UPDATE: Slider Revolution to v6.6.11
+ UPDATE: Phox Template Module to v2.0.3
+ FIXED: Conflict between Theme Mega Menu and Elementor Menu
+ FIXED: Custom Header background on Archive pages
+ FIXED: Conflict between WooCart Elementor Widget and Flexbox option in Elementor
+ FIXED: Bug on Domain Search
+ FIXED: Stop Auto-redirect to WHMCS Bridge page if the plugin is enabled. and make it as an option.
+ DOCS: Popup Documentation
+ DOCS: WHMCS Price Table Documentation
+ NEW: Space Demo
+ NEW: Games Demo
+ NEW: [Domain Widget] RDAP support & update whois servers for all tlds
+ NEW: Admin Panel Options to customize theme dropdown Menu
+ NEW: Admin Panel Options to customize Custom Header for Archive Pages
+ UPDATE: Phox-Hosting plugin to v1.8.4
+ UPDATE: Slider Revolution to v6.6.8
+ FIXED: Theme Menu Dropdown Item Icon Position
+ FIXED: Pricing Table Features icon/image
+ NEW: Elementor Progress bar & circle Widget
+ UPDATE: Compatibility with Elementor v3.7.7
+ UPDATE: Phox-Hosting plugin to v1.8.1
+ UPDATE: Phox WHMCS Addon Module to v2.0.1
+ FIXED: Fix Conflict with Happy Addons Menu
+ FIXED: Show only Public Header & footer in Phox Admin Panel
+ FIXED: Elementor Pricing Table Widget Purchase Button extra text with "new window"
+ FIXED: Posts Block List Widget Responsive Options
+ DOCS: Elementor Progress bar & circle Widget