+ Fixed a security issue
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+ Fixed Numerical Alias Stats Bug
+ Fixed Stripe Plan Sync Blank Page
+ Fixed Pricing Table Bug
+ Fixed Various Small Bugs
+ Added Poll Vote Button Translation Text
+ Improved PayPal API Code
+ Improved Allowed Schemas
+ Fixed Link Password Issue
+ Fixed Free Plans Issue
+ Fixed Fixed Permission Issue and Trial Countdown
+ Added Developer API v2
+ Added New Developer Page
+ Improved Dark Mode
+ Improved Social Logins
+ Fixed Dark Mode
+ Fixed Various Small Bugs
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+ Added Change Custom Alias
+ Added Custom Stats Range
+ Improved Admin Panel
+ Improved Default Template
+ Improved Shortening Speed
+ Fixed Slack Integration
+ Fixed Manual Approval
+ Fixed Domains Bug
+ Fixed Updater Issue
+ Fixed Various Small Bugs
+ Added Manual Link Approval
+ Added Include in Full-Page Script
+ Improved Shortening Speed
+ Fixed Profile UTF8 Bug
+ Fixed Profile Logo Bug
+ Fixed Custom Domain Error
+ Fixed Various other bugs
+ Added Multiple Domain Statistics
+ Fixed reCAPTCHA
+ Improved Updated Language Strings
+ Added Web Risk API
+ Added Active Security Checks
+ Fixed Thubmnail issue
+ Added custom schemes
+ Added option to change length of random alias
+ Added option to modify email messages
+ Added unique clicks counter tracker (faster stats page)
+ Added option to choose domain when editing links
+ Fixed pixels issue
+ Fixed delete bundle issue
+ Fixed display advanced feature
+ Added edit pixels
+ Added forced upgrade for free users
+ Fixed custom domain url in user and admin panel