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[tl] Social Groups

xF2 Add-on [tl] Social Groups 3.0.2

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Notable changes:

  • Implemented auto clean up inactive groups in X days
  • Added new member role: Post to news feed
  • Implemented filter group language in index
  • Support new criteria: Member of specific groups
  • Added new member role: View edit post history
  • Fixed fatal error on dupe import
  • Fixed error when using invalid event timezone
Notable changes:
  • Fix invalid redirect after delete events
  • Fix invalid search options for forum view
  • Automatically watch group forums when member join group
  • Send notifications to users before event start in X hours
  • Added option to disable group language support
  • Improvement event list and event view layout
  • Like
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Notable changes:
  • Fixed cannot view moderated, deleted posts
  • Fixed cannot view moderated, deleted threads
  • Fixed save invalid cache data which cause member roles has loss their permissions
  • Fixed N+1 query in some pages.
  • Bump HammerJS to 2.0.8
Notable changes:
  • Fixed missing phrases
  • Fixed tags not saved when creating event
  • Fixed group activity not updated
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Reactions: BobIsBack
Notable changes:
  • Added support merge groups
  • Added support show groups into user profile
  • Fixed send notifications on user watch comment cause mysql errors
  • Fixed load extra queries
Notable changes:

  • Fixed: Template error: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements
Notable changes:
  • Fixed upload cover issues
  • Fixed missing approve members in inline mod
  • Improvement member inline mod.
Notable Changes:
  • Added confirmation when asking to join group
  • Support CLI rebuild data. All cli are prefixed by: xf-rebuild:tlg-*
  • Fixed moderated members always show
  • Improvement save member cache data
  • Fixed set null entity which cause an exception
  • Show cancel requesting join group which make easy to cancelling.
  • Invited member are no longer consider as valid member.
  • Added missing some templates.
Notable Changes:

  • Fixed Cannot call method canUploadMedia on a non-object (NULL)
  • Fixed import group error if group avatar/cover does not exists
  • Fixed some other bugs
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