This version has been nulled by NulledTeam
(Downloaded from and edited license information from License.php file of previous version). I recommended upgrade to this for security. We do not include anything make harm your site.



CORE-7614 (#5070) - Do not perform entity encoding of EPP codes
CORE-8906 - Do not show reserved .uk domains as available in domain checker
CORE-9171 - Prevent completed To-Do items showing in Due Items Calendar Widget
CORE-9214 - Show domain availability results on Standard Cart when referred by domain ordering integration code
CORE-9346 - Highlight "Renew Domain" option in Actions sidebar on domain renewal page
CORE-9347 - Highlight "View Cart" option in Actions sidebar on domain renewal page
CORE-9356 - Do not display Print and CSV download options in Batch PDF Invoice Export
CORE-9358 - Make hard-coded language strings translatable in client profile and add order
CORE-9364 - Fix tab navigation in client profile after using table pagination dropdown
CORE-9367 - Prevent renewal orders for domains that don't meet domain renewal minimum term
CORE-9371 - Fix erroneous error message when searching for IDN with IDNs disabled by admin
CORE-9388 - Update whois servers for .es
CORE-9391 - Improve wording of invoice overdue sidebar
CORE-9396 - Update whois server for .cat
CORE-9414 - Fix uncaught exception in Website SSL Health Check
CORE-9417 - Provide ability to manage articles when browsing knowledgebase by tag
CORE-9421 - WHMCS Connect: Load CSS fonts via a secure connection to prevent warnings
CORE-9431 - Fix admin area alerts icon alignment issue in certain browsers
CORE-9432 - Add config file flag to disable hook inclusion
CORE-9443 - Fix ReCaptcha failing under certain conditions
MODULE-6317 - USA ePay: Make Test Mode option to connect to sandbox
MODULE-6340 - eWay Tokens: Do not round TotalAmount
CORE-8969 - Hungarian translation additions and improvements
CORE-9236 - Add Hebrew Admin Language Translation
CORE-9413 - Correct spelling mistake in French language file

Version 6.2.0 RC 1

FEATURE-1029 - Supreme Comparison Order Form Template
FEATURE-1031 - Universal Slider Order Form Template
FEATURE-1036 - Discontinue legacy order form templates
FEATURE-1038 - Store Cancellation Date for Products/Services
FEATURE-1039 - Store Cancellation Date for Product Addons
FEATURE-1041 - Average Customer Retention Time Report based upon new Cancellation Date data
FEATURE-1047 - WHMCS Connect: Add dynamic search ability to servers list
FEATURE-1050 - Ability to create Draft Invoices hidden from client view
FEATURE-1051 - Dynamic Searchable Client Dropdown Menus to all client selection menus within the admin area
FEATURE-1139 - OpenID Connect to allow WHMCS to be used as an OpenID Connect Authentication Provider
FEATURE-1141 - Single Sign-On Client Security Setting to control SSO access
FEATURE-1148 - Application Linking for third party applications and modules
FEATURE-1149 - WHMCS Single Sign-On with OAuth 2.0 enabling automatic sign-in from trusted applications
FEATURE-1152 - WHMCS Billing & Support Links Integration in cPanel (cPanel Application Linking)
FEATURE-1215 - OpenID Connect for cPanel Control Panel Authentication
FEATURE-1237 - Dedicated permission for controlling Sub-Account access to Module Single Sign-On
FEATURE-1292 - Create a CLI interface for performing WHMCS upgrades
ADDON-5965 - Make license details page fully translatable
CORE-8489 - Merging tickets should result in combined ticket having latest last update and status information
CORE-8552 - Trigger InvoiceCancelled hook when invoice auto-cancelled due to domain renewal order
CORE-8560 - Display IDN domains as entered without punycode in domain checker results
    Also known as: VSIX-668
CORE-8622 - WHOIS Server Update for .kr
CORE-8700 - Make state field optional in admin area add contact page
CORE-8745 - PDF invoice rendering (inline) of html email doesn't have a background
CORE-8802 - Email History Message does not show scrollbar in Firefox
    Also known as: CORE-9277
CORE-8813 - Show better error message upon domain lookup for an extension not configured with pricing
CORE-8823 - Prevent triggering of module renew function by initial invoice payment
CORE-8845 - Locked Client Profile Fields prevent registration with the Five template
CORE-8861 - Add Whois Server for .top
CORE-8884 - Fix localised knowledgebase article title display in category listing
CORE-8908 - Fix missing closing div tag in client area contact management interface
CORE-8917 - Fix bug causing email unsubscribe process to fail under certain conditions
CORE-8921 - Add new hook point to allow overriding upgrade order pricing
CORE-8928 - Cancellation request doesn't cancel Unpaid addon invoices
CORE-8937 - Set products to terminated upon completion of fixed product cycles limit
CORE-8942 - Upgrading and downgrading should update available product stock
CORE-8956 - Show custom buttons as defined by domain registrar modules
CORE-8957 - Billing cycle html output malformed in Modern order form template
CORE-8963 - Do not log entry when automatic backup process is disabled
CORE-8965 - Show auto renew status in client area domains list
CORE-8966 - Six template: Portal Home link on announcements details page broken
    Also known as: CORE-8786
CORE-8973 - WHOIS Server Updates for .ph
CORE-8976 - Display product related sidebar on Account Cancellation Request page
CORE-8978 - Honor domain length restrictions in shopping cart
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