Release Notes
Apps & Integrations
A new way to browse available modules and integrations that includes all apps and integrations shipped with WHMCS by default as well as selected apps and integrations from the WHMCS Marketplace. Apps & Integrations is accessible via the Setup menu.​
GoCardless Integration
GoCardless allows you to accept Direct Debit payments across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. GoCardless
CodeGuard Backup Solutions
CodeGuard allows you to offer independent daily automated website backups. CodeGuard is integrated via MarketConnect, so product setup, merchandising, provisioning & configuration are immediately available upon activation. CodeGuard via WHMCS MarketConnect
FraudLabs Integration
FraudLabs Pro, an alternative to MaxMind, provides fraud risk metrics, analysis, and insights for automatic and proactive fraud screening of new orders. FraudLabs Pro
BitPay Integration
BitPay allows you to start accepting BitCoin and BitCoin Cash and receive funds directly to your bank account with support for over 35 countries. BitPay
New Tax & Vat UI
The Tax Configuration UX has been overhauled to provide a simplified and improved experience. Learn More
Improvements for Intelligent Search
New look & feel & function, the intelligent search now has search as you type, expand results beyond 10 matches, and hiding of inactive clients. Learn More
Drag & Drop Admin Dashboard
In addition to minimising and hiding widgets, you can now drag and drop widgets to re-arrange and prioritise the widgets that matter most to you. Learn More
More reCaptcha
Reduce unwanted traffic by using captcha across the client area. Standard captcha, Google v2 reCaptcha, and Google Invisible reCaptcha options can be selectively enabled for the checkout, domain checker, registration, contact, ticket submission, and client/admin login forms. Learn More
Amazon S3 File Storage Support
Centralize and secure attachments and support downloads remotely using Amazon's S3 and other S3 compatible services. Learn More
Database Sessions
PHP's default session storage utilizes the web server's filesystem making it difficult support a multi-instance infrastructure strategy. You can now decouple your session storage from the application's filesystem with the use of database session storage. Learn More
Support for MySQL v8.0
WHMCS is compatible with MySQL v8.0 beginning at v8.0.12. MySQL v8 is a major version increment. It has numerous changes that introduce incompatibilities and behavior changes from MySQL v5 and/or MariaDB v10. Please research and thoroughly read all MySQL documentation prior to updating to MySQL v8. As a matter of course, we recommend an abundance of caution when updating your database server.​
Single location for Font Awesome
Themes utilizing Font Awesome v5 have been updated to reference the Font Awesome from the core /assets directory. These themes include Six, Blend, and V4. The distribution will no longer provide copies of Font Awesome v5 relative to those themes. Template rendering logic has been updated to dynamically inject this core CSS asset if not represented in the HTML head (either as normal <link> tag or an HTML comment).​
Deprecation & Removal Notices
During the v7.7.0 update, a one-time routine will inspect and attempt to remove the following modules due to discontinued service by the service provider. Removal will only occur if the module is not actively in use. The Activity Log will have a list of any removals. As well, if removal is not performed and the module remains in your installation, an email will be generated to all full admins so that further investigation can be performed. Inspection will be performed for the following modules:​
  • EEECurrency gateway
  • OVH registrar
  • XPanel server
  • LXAdmin server
  • vePortal server
  • DotDNS
  • ResellOne
Library Updates
The following libraries have been updated:​
  • smarty/smarty: 3.1.32 to 3.1.33
  • tecnickcom/tcpdf: 6.2.17 to 6.2.26
New Documentation
The following new documentation pages are available:​
Template Changes
For a list of changed files and graphical view of the exact changes, please refer to the Github repo's below.​
Six Template
The following link provides a comparison of changes between 7.6.1 and 7.7.0: WHMCS/templates-six
Standard Cart Order Form
The following link provides a comparison of changes between 7.6.1 and 7.7.0: WHMCS/orderforms-standard_cart
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