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WP Toolkit Automation​

Offer your customers WP Toolkit with cPanel & Plesk​

WP Toolkit is a tool in cPanel and Plesk that enables users to install, configure, and manage WordPress websites. WP Toolkit Lite is included FREE with cPanel and WP Toolkit Deluxe is a paid upgrade with advanced features and smarter functionality.

The WP Toolkit integration available in WHMCS 8.2 provides fully automated provisioning for WP Toolkit Deluxe to any new or existing cPanel or Plesk hosting account. Also included with this new integration is a ready made landing page to help promote WP Toolkit to your customers.

This new functionality is not yet available in WHMCS 8.2 Beta 1 and will be made available soon.


White-label Site Builder Solution​

Site Builder, powered by Siteplus, now available via MarketConnect​

This white-labelled Site Builder offering featuring no branding specific to WHMCS or Siteplus enables you to offer your customers an un-branded site building experience. An unlimited free trial allows you to offer the Site Builder to all new customers free of charge, and optionally included by default with your hosting plans.

A range of plans allow users to build anything from a One-Page website to a fully featured e-commerce store. Over 150 pre-made themes give users a wide range of ready made website templates to choose from and the drag and drop editor makes building a site quick, easy and accessible to everyone.

Completed sites can be instantly published to your hosting via FTP which is auto-provisioned and configured for cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin web hosting accounts.


User Identity Verification​

Helping you deal with high-risk orders more efficiently​

A new integration gives your team access to the Validation.com service for verifying user identity and authenticity. Integrated directly into the checkout and client area, verification requests can be triggered on-demand or automatically for new high risk orders (determined by any existing fraud module integration).

Upon being initiated, users will receive an email and see prompts within the client area to complete the identity verification process. You control which information you want to collect from users to perform the validation. Verification status is displayed conveniently within your WHMCS admin area when managing users and orders.


Prorata for Product Addons​

Now you can offer add-ons with billing synchronized to services​

Enable prorata for product add-ons to synchronize the addon's billing day with the parent product or service. This enables you to offer add-ons which can be purchased by customers at any time during the lifecycle of a product and have future billing and invoices contain both items for added convenience and simplicity.

Also made available as part of this work is the ability to duplicate any existing product add-ons for easier add-on setup and management.


Gateway Balances & Transaction Insights​

View your payment gateway balances without leaving WHMCS​

Payment gateway balance information is now displayed for activated and supported payment gateways at the top of the WHMCS Billing/Transactions page within the WHMCS admin area.

In addition, for gateway modules that support it, additional transaction information can be viewed by clicking on a Transaction ID anywhere within WHMCS. This new functionality is available in the Billing/Transactions list, Clients Transactions tab and Invoice view and will display information specific to each gateway.

Support at launch is available for Stripe and PayPal [Basic], with more integrations coming soon. Additionally, developers can add support for this new functionality to their own gateway modules using our developer documentation which has already been updated.


Stripe Dashboard Widget​

View your Stripe Balances directly from the WHMCS dashboard​

Stripe has rocketed in popularity to become one of the most highly used payment gateways by WHMCS users. And so in WHMCS 8.2, in addition to the other balance and transaction information functionality we've added, we've also added a new dedicated Dashboard widget that will allow admins to see their Stripe balance information in the convenience of their WHMCS installation.
Learn More about Stripe Balance Widget
Read the 8.2 Release Notes
Download WHMCS 8.2

Changelog:WHMCS V8.2.0 Beta 1​


FEATURE-2473 - Implement prorata billing for Product Addons
FEATURE-2476 - Implement Product Addon duplication
FEATURE-2515 - Implement User Verification Provider Validation.com
FEATURE-2519 - Stripe: Admin Dashboard widget for gateway balance
FEATURE-2520 - Integrate gateway balances on Transactions List for Stripe and PayPal Basic
FEATURE-2521 - Integrate access to Stripe transaction details throughout Admin area
FEATURE-2525 - MarketConnect: Introduce Site Builder for MarketConnect


CORE-8961 - Add triennial cycle to Income Forecast report
CORE-14854 - Correct logging of queried domains with WHMCS Namespinner
CORE-14909 - Ensure file size checking is performed on attachments when submitting a reply in the client area
CORE-15021 - Improve biliable item description & line itemization for 'qty' amounts
CORE-15063 - Correct encapsulation of CSV data export
CORE-15239 - Correct responsive view of account profile details
CORE-15248 - Provide translation text for Metric Billing product setup
CORE-15262 - Add Learn More Link to Health Check PHP Cron Mismatch Description
CORE-15590 - Remove additional use of HTML from Brazilian Portuguese language file
CORE-15596 - Do not request CVC for Existing Card when paying by credit in full
CORE-15657 - Ensure overpayment following refund of prior overpayment is credited to client
CORE-15664 - Correct JS event binding for Resend Welcome Email on manipulated DOM
CORE-15692 - Correct final invoice aggregation & cancellation respective of Granduated Metric billing for cancelled product
CORE-15693 - Improve error display for issue with ReleaseDomain
CORE-15791 - WHOIS update for .ie TLD
CORE-15802 - Ensure admin View/Search Clients search submits default Status value of 'any'
CORE-15811 - Use translation strings for From Just and For Just
Also known as: CORE-16027
CORE-15846 - Correct ability to hide Project Management dashboard widget
CORE-15895 - Add Any option for domain field of Admin Domain Search
CORE-15954 - Correct CSS for kbcategories
CORE-15973 - Prevent backup routine from exporting non-table schema which cannot be reimported
CORE-15974 - Add auto password generation to admin add client page
CORE-15982 - Ensure only custom buttons defined by registrar module are displayed in sidebar
CORE-15997 - Remove Enom deprecated "New TLDs:" preorder Addon module
Also known as: CORE-16405
CORE-16032 - Improve responsive view of domain pricing table
CORE-16034 - Provide client messaging for free domains of active services and remove client manual renewal options
CORE-16037 - Prevent rendering of superfluous pagination related to Announcements
CORE-16044 - Correct Admin order summary for multiple scaling quantities
CORE-16052 - Provide "Open in New Window" icon for "Login as Owner"
CORE-16073 - Improve positioning of growl alerts in admin area
CORE-16087 - Ensure global JS variable for base url is defined for viewinvoice.tpl
CORE-16100 - Improve responsive behavior of text near Already Registered button
CORE-16112 - Improve log entry admin attribution during upgrade to v8.0
CORE-16139 - Correct background color for domain statuses
CORE-16144 - Optimise template logic and translated strings for standard cart sidebar categories
CORE-16145 - Improve responsive behavior on order summary with fraud details
CORE-16150 - Translate IP Address for ticket viewing
CORE-16156 - Improve order and spelling of Indian states/provinces
CORE-16160 - Ensure client group colour is present on ticket list
Also known as: CORE-16445
CORE-16167 - Prevent erroneous failure with only user_id input for CreateSsoToken API
CORE-16168 - Improve recipient validation for unique entries across CC and To address ticket fields
CORE-16173 - Correct logging of change to Allow Single Sign-On
CORE-16176 - Correct alignment of default captcha in Twenty-One
CORE-16178 - Ensure correct domain status is logged on entry for Server Sync Tool
CORE-16185 - Log IP of visitor requesting password reset for user
CORE-16196 - Prevent erroneous failure for TLD duplication
Also known as: CORE-16180
CORE-16204 - Correct multiple addon quantity price calculation on admin orders
CORE-16216 - Improve display of long file names on ticket attachments in client area
CORE-16236 - Optimize client area page load with improved user related table indexing
CORE-16237 - Ensure CCV is passed to module for Admin captures
CORE-16240 - Remove FTPBackupPassword test value from fresh install seed data
CORE-16259 - Correct filtering of viewable gateways for billing use in admin area
CORE-16261 - Improve display of company name in intelligent search results
CORE-16263 - Prevent cascade of language change for client with changed for user
CORE-16271 - Correct unique filtering of CC for SendGrid
CORE-16274 - Add disabled styling for disabled admins in dropdown for support ticket escalation rule setup
CORE-16277 - Ensure remember me cookie is set if requested following 2FA
CORE-16282 - Prevent addition of duplicate CC addresses for support tickets
Also known as: CORE-16579
CORE-16290 - Ensure existing payment methods are displayed after switching clients during checkout
Also known as: CORE-16536
CORE-16293 - Correct CSS class for sidebar of order forms other than Standard Cart with Twenty-One
Also known as: CORE-16469, CORE-16396
CORE-16296 - Correct menu icon inspector to allow 'fad'
CORE-16297 - Improve conditional save for Module Log Rentention Days setting
CORE-16299 - Remove various hardcoded text and use translation strings in Twenty-One
Also known as: CORE-16284, CORE-16291
CORE-16316 - Correct layout for resource usage in Twenty-One
CORE-16317 - Correct CSS class for password strength in Twenty-One
CORE-16325 - Improve styling of status on invoice view in Twenty-One
CORE-16327 - Improve display of no domain values in client's service drop down
CORE-16333 - Correct google sign-in log entry
CORE-16350 - Correct email uniquness validation for new client account from exiting user
CORE-16353 - Prevent erroneous block of user access to client invoices
CORE-16358 - Correct language selection and fallback during invoice generation when client language is default
CORE-16363 - Prevent account creation during checkout for user with multiple accounts unless requested
CORE-16384 - Correct client UUID auto-generation
CORE-16391 - Remove fixed width CSS for product addon dropdown selection
CORE-16398 - Ensure 2FA challenge is not presented on Client Login if disabled
CORE-16401 - Ensure ticket custom field values persist on department change
CORE-16403 - Honour goto parameter through Two-factor authentication
CORE-16415 - Update HMRC integration to not require oauth credentials
Also known as: CORE-16615
CORE-16420 - Improve visibility of max file upload size
CORE-16427 - Correct redirect location from POST requests to login route path
CORE-16442 - Update addbillableitem API to support quantities
CORE-16484 - Implement hookpoints for Pre and After events for module custom button commands
CORE-16501 - Correct action for reply ticket button in Twenty-One sidebar
CORE-16515 - Correct styling of markdown editor element in Twenty-One


MODULE-6758 - Correct "Login to Plesk Control Panel" client area action
MODULE-7464 - Correct display of API authentication error with Heart Internet
MODULE-7536 - [Enom] Audit all Enom functions to ensure IDN Domain compatibility
MODULE-7552 - Update for new success response code of lock API for OnlineNIC
MODULE-7557 - Cancel outstanding invoices on service transfer to new client
MODULE-7559 - Correct API value of package for DirectAdmin
MODULE-7561 - Increase cURL timeout in DirectAdmin module
MODULE-7564 - Clear product mapping when switching between PayPal Checkout sandbox and live envirnoments
MODULE-7572 - Discontinue support for Worldpay Invisible and Worldpay Invisible XML gateways
MODULE-7581 - Correct bank pay method description saving
MODULE-7582 - Ensure DomainUpdateLockingStatus API returns valid response
MODULE-7589 - Increase timeout for Virtualmin
MODULE-7594 - Add OpenXchange migration information to client area
MODULE-7595 - Add OpenXchange migration tool references to client area
MODULE-7600 - Correct Invisible reCAPTCHA error with Stripe


CORE-16061 - Allow filtering by serviceId or addonId for GetServers API
CORE-16280 - Improve description of GetInvoice ccgateway parameter
CORE-16312 - Honor clientip parameter if provided to AddOrder API call
CORE-16326 - Add 'orderby' sorting field for GetClients API
CORE-16505 - Add 'ordernumber' to response of GetClientsProducts


CORE-16235 - Utilize translation string for Digicert feature comparison in Twenty-One
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