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XenForo Redirects for vBulletin

xF2 Redirection scripts XenForo Redirects for vBulletin 1.1.5

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Some of the changes in XF301VB 1.1.5 include:
This release fixes several bugs that have been reported:
  • Improve false positive detection of several URL patterns that may match legitimate XenForo URLs (particularly if route filters are used).
  • Ensure that all redirects go to the canonical URL. This resolves problems when redirecting from a non-standard source location.
  • Implement a number of additional URLs to redirect. See here, here and here.
  • Fix a number of issues related to defining redirects which do not use the VB do param.
  • Improve compatibility when used with PHP versions before 5.6.
  • Prevent disclosing the title of content via its URL when the sole request was for an integer ID if the visiting user doesn't have permission to view it.
  • Check the appropriate permission method when dealing with a user entity.
  • Fix issue where the Router class was not extended properly.
  • Fix redirecting category URLs properly.
Thanks to @Steffen who reported and provided patches for a significant number of these changes (y)
This version includes the functionality extensions from 1.1.0 and adds a fix for the error that can occur when copying posts from one thread to another existing thread.
Following suggestions from @Steffen, the redirect add-on will now support a collection of non-content links that may be commonly referrered to in user generated content.
This version catches the error that is (intentionally) thrown when a redirect is attempted prior to the import log table having been configured.

The exception is still logged to the admin server error log.
Previously, this add-on excluded XFMG tables from its list available for selection as the import log table, but this added an unnecessary dependency, so I've removed it.
This version won't throw an error when you point it to an import table generated by XenForo 1.

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