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xF1 Add-on Xenplaza - Love Message 1.2.0

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This addon has the following main functions:
  • Allow members to send messages of love to other members on the forum.
  • Display messages on the forums
  • Decentralisation send messages, censor and control the message for each usergroup
  • Trophy Point or DB used as currency Banking to send messages unless charges
  • AutoComplete recipient's name when sending a message
  • Auto Link to profile the sender and recipient
  • Limit the number of messages displayed on the forums
  • Limit the maximum length of the message
Installation instructions
  • Upload content uploaded to the host folder level with index.php
  • Import file addon-XPLoveMessage.XML trong ACP
  • Decentralization for each usergroup in ACP >> Users >> User Group Permissions
  • Setup Options >> Options >> Xenplaza in ACP - Love Message
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